Services Offered:

Remote Services:

We now have the ability to access your computer remotely at your discression to look at your problems and do software fixes.

Recommended Programs:

Anti-Virus Avast! Cost: Free for home users

Very easy to use. Very unintrusive on the system.

Second Opinion Malwarebytes Cost: Free for home users

Click on the update tab to make sure you have the latest list of viruses and then do a full system scan. The free program does not interfere with other anti-virus programs, but it does require that it be run manually.

Spyware / RootKits Spybot Search and Destroy Cost: Free Once you load the program, make sure you run updates. If there are new updates, re-do the immunize to block known virus sites. Finally run the Search and Destroy to locate and remove problems on your system. I recommend running SpyBot about once a month.