Corruption in the Philippines
From: Jeffrey W. Hamilton <>
To: men mark tumandan <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 6:26:18 PM
Subject: Re: I am worried and my heart breaks when I search my name in the computer then I found out that my name was published in, in Philippine Corruption Website.


When I get unsolicited emails, I generally put them on the web site because I want other brethren to know that requests are being sent out broadly. I'm not saying that I believe you are trying to deceive anyone. I am saying that information given needs to be confirmed and checked. For example, you didn't mention your young age in your early notes. This may not make a difference to some and a strong difference to others. Since brethren in the United States don't know the area, I also tried to find the distances you were traveling. I merely noted that I could not find Lunay, so I couldn't check or record the distances. One of the problems existing in the Philippines is that preachers have a habit of not living in the area where they preach. That is a point I've been trying to make brethren aware of. It means the preacher is not in good contract with the brethren he is working with and his cost of travel is inflated. It might be justified when comparing the cost of living in the region, but again it is a factor that brethren considering helping need to consider. One final concern is that you mentioned twice not having enough to eat, yet you live at home and have enough funds for Internet service. Again, there are probably good reasons, but these are things brethren considering supporting you would want to think about and check into.

I'll post your explanation in a few days.
Jeffrey W. Hamilton

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