Corruption in the Philippines

Hello Mr. Hamilton, my name is Ryan Thomas and I recently ran across your website  I was deeply saddened by the material I found there.  On your website you attempt to "document" the corruption of some Filipino brethren such as Rody Gumpad and others.  Well, I can personally vouch for Brother Gumpad and his character.  I arrived here from the U.S. over 2 months ago and have been staying with Brother Rody and his wife Tessie at their house.  They are some of the nicest Christians that I've ever been around!  Your website is nothing more than a poorly constructed smear campaign against faithful brethren.  I will pray that your efforts will fail and that the falsehood contained on your website will be exposed.  Good day.

[Editor's Note: Response by Jeff Hamilton]

[Editor's note: Ryan was engaged to Rody's daughter, Jennifer Gumpad, at the time of this writing.]