Corruption in the Philippines

Neo L. Aglugub
P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan-3500

May 7, 1996

Dear Brother Rody C. Gumpad,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Attached are our two letters for you and concerning you dated May 3, 1996 which we withhold a little bit because we want you to be in good mood when you attend the occasion of Sister Alona. These letters are not intended to tear you down and build ourselves but to let you see reality and make you a more loving and better servant of God. Here is my personal letter to you to express my love and to give some information.

To look back and reflect events of our lives is very uplifting and encouraging. You are the instrument for me and my family to know our saviour jesus Christ. You baptized me into Christ in August 10, 1985. I was then a College Instructor at St. Louis College a Catholic school. My job was at stake because of my Faith. I resigned rather than to compromise my Faith. Immediately, I landed another job at San Miguel Corporation on its agri-business division. My job was sailing smoothly until I transferred to its beer Division. Here, my lucrative job brought danger to my Faith. In both of these instances, you were at my back and you have been my encouragement. I decided to quit my lucrative job and work in the vineyard of the Lord in 1991. On those years we were financially hard up and my family have been in a difficult situation but we love serving our Master. You have seen our dedication and you recommended me for support and this I'm very glad and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you. We have been together propagating the pur Gospel here in our area. My sorrow is your sorrow, my joy is your joy and yours is also mine. What a wonderful fellowship we have. I was very proud of you. I love you and you love me. We both love the Lord, the Truth and righteousness and we hate iniquity. (Heb 1:9)

Now, what happened Brother Rody? Why is it that Brethren including myself are getting away from you? Why do we hear bad comments about you from non-saints? Why are you losing the respect of our brethren not only here in Cagayan but also in Isabela and other places? Examine yourself. You are no longer the Rody C. Gumpad I have known before. What happened to your good name Brother? You changed a lot. Tears are falling down and it hurts me to say this. You are now my discouragement and the discouragement of many. You brought much damage on the Lord's Work here because you love preeminence, you love the praises of men and you are too materialistic. (3 John 9, Matt. 23:5-7) It is not bad to be praised but it is wrong if it is self-initiated. When we were in Pangasinan, in January 16, 1996, we were having our breakfast together with your wife and my wife. I told you some of your defects especially about humbleness but I see no improvement on you. It is not hard to be humble Brother Rody, if you let Christ reigns and controls your heart not money, pride and praises of men.

Another reason why I wrote you is regarding the coming Gospel Meeting at Salcedo, Ilocos Sur. I cannot come because I realized that Bro. Fred Banao who is the host did not invite me. We talked each other when he was here in Tuguegarao and he did not mention of any Gospel Meeting nor inviting me to be their speaker. A day after Bro. Banao left Tuguegarao you handed me their schedule. A gospel Meeting is an activity of the local church and the first one who know it is the preacher.

I close and hope to see you repent and bear fruit of true repentance. I love you and my God bless you always.

Your Brother in Christ,

[Signed Neo L. Aglugub]