Corruption in the Philippines

Neo L. Aglugub
P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan-3500

June 29, 1996

Dear Brother Rody C. Gumpad,

I received your June 25 letter which describes again who you are. It proves or affirms that our charges about you regarding self-denial and materialism are all TRUE. Peruse your letter and it is full of self-glorifying and you are working hard for the Lord for MATERIAL BLESSINGS.

I would like to answer the portion you wrote regarding me.

  1. You said I'm lying. -- I just smile because it is not true. I know you, you are very good in twisting facts. I did not lie in our conversation in Pangasinan nor to my co-signatories. To discuss here the details of what we talked in Pangasinan will further embarrass you. I love you and I don't wnat to destroy you. I want you only to become a better servant of God. I can understand you on this when you say I'm lying because I know you are very much disturb, so I FORGIVE YOU.
  2. What do I have that you don't have? You want more? -- Of course you have much much material possessions than I ahve. I am contented of what I have. If ever I would have some more, it would be on a hard-earned, righteous and honorable way. IT IS NOT QUESTIONABLE.
  3. You want also to become a good leader? Well go ahead. -- I'm not hungry. You know my positions when I was employed. To tell it, is already boasting which I don't like.
  4. You said you trusted me more that the others. -- Thank you for this. I know you more also than the others. I know your secrets. I know your techniques in seeking financial assistance abroad and you abused your freedom on this aspect. Examine yourself and REPENT. You are in my prayers.

I pity you brother Rody. I know you are emotionally and mentally tortured becuase your sins are loudly ringing to your consince. Your sins to Tinay, though she is already dead also will bother you throughout your lifetime. Why are all these things are happening to your?? Examin yourself. You went beyond of not denying yourself for the glory of God. Don't compare yourself to Christ because our Lord Jesus suffered for the Salvation of all while you, you are preaching the Gospel for your personal pleasure and advancement.

I close and regards.

Your Brother in Christ,
[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]