Corruption in the Philippines

P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cgayan-3500
August 28, 1996

Dear Brother Ken,

Sweet Greetings in the Name of our Saviour.

I received your letter along with a copy of Brother Rody's letter to you. I appreciate him pleading forgiveness from you.

Getting the points of his letter, again to my dismay that Brother Rody is really a headstrong. On his previous letters, we did not present our side but now to be fair, I want to react and give information what had really transpired and give some comments also.

  1. "Rody claims that he was so much pressured in signing the July 6, 1996 joint affidavit and had overlooked the contents."
    Nobody pressured him to sign and he did not overlook it. Brother Rody even dictated to Sister Alona what is to be written. The contents of the joint affidavit is understandable and simple. he acquiesced to the July 6 affidavit. However, the following day, he changed his mind. He cross out his signature and the signature of his brother Ronnie Gumpad as witness. Instead, he insisted us to sign on the affidavit which I believed prepared by his lawyer. he respects more his non-christian lawyer than what we have discussed among us christian brothers.
  2. "Brother Rody said, that he don't like fighting especially in a one-sided battle."
    The very since we are not fighting, we are rebuking. It is not one-sided because he used all tricks to present his side. For us it is already over and we want peace but Brother Rody is implacable. "He buries the hatchet, but leaves the handle sticking out." He was threatening to sue us to court. He is determined to do it especially when he received some negative reactions of those who viewed the tape of the confrontation.
  3. "Brother Rody further said, I failed to explain to you that I paid a little higher amount than that in the Deed of Sale. The nine fellows exagerated too much the figures".
    The fact that he knew that the documents he sent are simulated without clear explanation, he is already concealing something. He refused to give the actual figures and ours is not exagerated. Another, to avoid paying higher capital gains tax, it is useless that the vendee declare a very low deed of sale. Brother Rody is the vendee. The tax is based on the amount of the Deed of Sale or the Zoning Value based on the Bureau of Internal Revenue which ever is higher. Usually, the zoning value is always higher than that of the Deed of sale.

Brother Ken, I have more information, to give you light about all what he had written but it is enough that you know him as you viewed on how he carries himself during the confrontation.

I close and our warmest regards. Please pray for us. may God bless you richly.

Yours in Him,

[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]