Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: This is a note that I received. It claims to be the second in the series, though I never received number one. Recently, I found out that many brethren across the U.S. have received the same note. I will be inserting my comments below.]

Dear brotherJeff Hamilton in Christ,

Thanks for your response in the e-mail I was appreciated very much to the Lord. God peace be with us.

[Editor's Note: One I don't know this gentleman. Two I never communicated with him. He is not starting out on a good footing, lying about a past that does not exist.]

This is my second letter for you and the brethren in Christ specially to your concerned.

[Editor's Note: I never received number one, though I have asked others for a copy if they kept it for evidence.]

First of all brother Harlbrook and bro. Mechille veisite in the Philippines almost four years ago at General Santos City and we are seven preachers attended the seminar from Surigao City. Almost 12 hours traveling before we reach in the city. After one year Bro. Jim Mcdonald visited in Surigao to handled gospel meeting or Seminar and I am the one who consolidated denominational Pastors. After the heard the gospel of truth they converted and I am the one also executed baptism to them to the new convert Pastors which are added to the church. Bro. Jim told me that next year he would visit again in Surigao but he change in mind the schedule was posponed. After one year he called me up to went to Cagayan de Oro City to attend one week schooling but unexpectedly my kedney was in trouble starting to attacked to change my mind but I did not mind it due to important passages to the word of God that I did'nt want to missed. We arrieved at 3;00 A. M. early in the morning with Bro. Scobal. After the breakfast the schooling was started and my keney trouble is getting hard, so after half day schooling I decided to turned back in Surigao for chick up and medication in the Hospetal. I wrote Bro. Jim to asked help for the medicine for my kedney but he did not responded. Poor brother in Christ starting crying to the Lord to ask God's help and my vission to in the future come down but I did not lost hope and surrender, So I prayed and sold my motor cab to buy my medicine to recover my kendney trouble , And God hear my supplication and he answer my prayer to healed my sickness. So I say myself that I'm just like a bird flying without direction as a member in the church of christ. I have no any monthly love gift to support me in my family, and no one could overseeir us as the church of Christ.

In this connection therefore, Iam writting to all of you with regards to my motor service to the Lords work as what as I've said in my first letter in the e-mail. Faithfully I need $1,350 dollars to pay in all the motorcycle srvice, but for my monthly installment is $350 dollars. I want to be fully paid as early as posible if God's will. So please help me to pray to solve my problem. This coming May 15, 2001 is my schedule to pay my account, so all this things I pray that God responded to the concern Saint Christian as God's will.

[Editor's Note: The monthly payment is suspiciously high for a country where the typical unskilled wage was $150 per month in 2000.]

Thank you and more shower of blessing abundantly in Christ.

Love in Christ,

Bro. Charlito C. Arguelles
#329-A, Capitol Rd.,
Surigao City 8400, Philippines

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