Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: This is a note that I received. It claims to be the fourth in the series, though I never received number one or three. Recently, I found out that many brethren across the U.S. have received the same note. Notice the implications that I know him personally (I never met the gentleman), and that I have been rudely ignoring him.]

Dear Brother Jeff Hamilton in Christ,

This is fourth my letter for you that I send, and I hope the love of God is in your heart and to all the brethren.

I miss you very much in Christ for having not response to me in the e-mail. I dont know what am I going to do.

With regards to my work in Christ there were some new convert brethren are baptize and aded to the church. My shedule to my bible study is Wednesday, thursday and Friday including Saturday. And Sunday is our worship day to the Lord God in His Christ Jesus the name above every name.

Due to hardly situation for my bible study because of far away to the place where we meet, I have an account of motorcycle for me to pay. My motorcycle is great help for me to do the word of God. I have a burden to preach the gospel of God for the remission of thier sins for those who believe in Christ and to follow the fattern of Christ before He left. Brother pray for me that there is another new convert souls to be baptize and aded to the church.

I ask another promisory note as my another grace period to be paid my motorcycle accountability at the end of this month I hope that you can help me on or before the end of this month May 2001. I am looking forward to a great help for me through the work of God.

Please help me and understand me together my problem. I am waiting to your Immediate responne as early as possible.

I send my bank account number for you to use about sending money.

I pray for you always to the Lord that He will grant me through your benivolent assistance for you to prapared in the gospel in christ. I love you and I miss you a lot in the heart of Jesus Christ our savior. Amen.

Write to me very soon.

Love in chriast,

Bro. Charito C. Arguelles
#329-A., Capitol Rd.,
Surigao City 8400, Philippines

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