Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: This is a note that I received. It claims to be the fifth in the series, though I never received number one or three. Brethren across the United States have been receiving the same set of notes. Notice the implications that I know him personally (I never met the gentleman), and that I have been rudely ignoring him.]

Dear Brother in Christ,

My warmest greeting's to you, I hope you are in good condition together your family and the presence of God.

I'm writing to you again perhalfs you forget me in your prayer, God will bless you always in His name. Brother, I thought this is my fifth letter for you that I sent, and you did not response, I dont know realy what happend to it, I miss you veryvery much at all times.

How's my love gift that I'd request to you, will you please tell me what happend to it? Brother I'm already worried to the nearest day's that I'm waiting, I'm scared that the Motorcycle be deposited to the office, and I do not have a service to be use for visiting bible study and other a gospel meeting schedule. So as I've said Please help me, I do not have any overtaking way to coup up my problem, therefore I am writing to you as your brother in the true church of Christ.

Until now I'm still waiting the love gift for the motorcycle payment which I'm still using my work to the Lord. Please understand me for the sake of the work of God in His vineyard. I need $1,350 Dollars to be fully paid in the motorcycle. And God will rewards you in His mercy forever. I hope at this time you can help me in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Until here may the Lord God keep you and more blessing in Christ,

In His love,

Charito C. Arguelles ( Church of Christ)
#29-A, Capitol Rd.,
Surigao City 8400, Philippines

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