Corruption in the Philippines


My name is Justin Atkins and I attend the Manitou church of Christ in Tacoma, WA. We have given funds to Jim McDonald for the purpose of relief among the Fillipino brethren. Your report is troubling. Fraud and misconduct are not commendable attributes, and the way that I believe God would have us deal with that is to name the names of those committing these unrighteous deeds. That way, they can be avoided and new persons used in the distribution. Specifically, you said this about what happens when Jim hands the money over to these unscrupulous persons,

"He will have to hand the money over to someone (or some group) who will promise to deliver it, but the ones who will be given the money are the same ones who made up the stories. Do you see the problem in that?"

I certainly see the problem with that. Now, if that is the case and you are certain enough to make these comments, and want to prevent what you called earlier "the biggest waste of the Lord's money I ever heard of", then please provide the names of these men. Also, I assume that you have made efforts to rebuke these men of whom you know guilty of blatant dishonesty and misappropriation, and that you have warned those you worship with to avoid these men (Rom.16:17).

Thank you for your efforts,

Justin Atkins

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your interest in the happenings among God's people here in the Philippines.. You noticed the lack of specific names. I did not place names because I do not know where McDonald and Halbrook are getting there information. I accuse them (whoever they might be) of fraud because the information being passed on is not true, and I think we can safely assume that McDonald and Halbrook are not the ones who are making up facts, so it must be their sources in Mindanao. If they would name where they heard these fantastic tales, then we would know who the frauds are, and more specifically I could write or go to the men and see why they are deceiving the brethren. Until I know who it is, how can I go to my brother?

May God bless you and help you as you consider these matters.

Yours in His service,
Glenn Hamilton