Corruption in the Philippines

Juanito P. Balbin
P.O. Box 81420
8000 Davao City

August 20, 1999

[The following in italic was handwritten]
Copy of:
Bro. Glenn Hamiton
Tugguegarao, Cagayan
Rep. of the Philippines
Sept. 27, 1999

Dear Brethren in Christ,

I received through post office mail, a 28-page compiled by brother Gumpad of Tuguegarao, Cagayan. This is about the attack of a certain brother Glenn Hamilton, also now in Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines, anent the benevolence 1998 and 1999.

After several readings of the said paper, I was constrained to contribute my own knowledge about the subject matter under consideration, which maybe of helpful and beneficial to clear up the issues of controversy for the Lord's work in the Philippines.

At the outset, nonetheless, I would love to join brother Earl S. Mitchell in his own observation on the personalities of both brother Jim Mcdonald and brother Ron Halbrook. I say, amen!, to fully concord to what brother Mitchell has impressed to us about them, for indeed, both brother Jim and brother Ron are fully men on God beyond dispute. We should shout, Hallelujah!!, to the whole world, to praise and thank God, for providing us men of good characters, with their great zeal, love and helps to the Filipino people, most specially in the noble endeavor for the advancement fo God's kingdom in our Country, not only helps in moral and spiritual aspects, but also on financial needs, even the great efforts to relieve the indigents, and needy poor Saints in our land, in our people. I was greatly blessed to have personally witnessed of their courage and fearless missionary travels. I am truly amazed of their sincere and deepest love to send the message of the Lord and King Jesus to the souls in the Philippine Islands, and that they traveled through land, air and sea, over the mountains and plains, of the wide Provinces of Cotabato and Davao, and other places as well, in defiance to our troubled land. Oh, yes, the Philippines is our native land, a third world Country at that, economically depressed, but thriving to exist and recover, amidst devastation of numerous problems, both by Muslims and Communists rebels insurgencies, famines, typhoons, and many trials, brought about by either or both the foolishness of men, and/or by natural calamities in the land.

But now, I am not only referring to these two men of God; Ron and Jim. Verily, history of the Church of Christ in the Philippines, tells us that we have more great men of God like them. Men of equally faithful and sound preachers of the gospel, and profound teachers of the Word of God. Men who have equally braved themselves, the dangerous zones and places in Mindanao Islands, particularly in Cotabato and Davao Provinces to teach us the truth which makes the Filipino free from errors and sins for the salvation of the precious souls. Great men of God, like Conne W. Adams, J.T. Smith, Bob Buchanon, Ben Shropshire, Larry Hafley, Earl Robertson, Leslie Diestle Camp, Paul Casebolt, Jerry Parks, John Humphries, Dudley Ross Spears, James P. Needham, Keith Burnett, Harold Trimble, Rick Lanning, Vernon Love, Norman Fultz, Carl McMurray, Howard Jones, Frank D. Butleer, Danny McKibben, Tom Moody, Steven Locklair, Earl Mitchell and many others. We certainly, pay tribute to them, for these men did not care if there were wars and fightings, rampant kidnaping for ransom, hostaging, ambushing, and other real dangers, but came over the land only to preach the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the inhabitants who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness and salvation. These men have truthfully demonstrated their unselfish dedication and sacrifices, risked their lives for the cause of Christ, and to serve the great God of Heaven.

While these things are happening, it is ironic, that there are some american resident preachers in the Philippines, who are untouched and unmoved by the miseries and hardships suffered by the native Filipinos, and having uncompassionate to the dire needs, instead have been sitting pretty and incoordinative in the relief distribution and ministration of benevolence. It is sad, but they have elected themselves to criticize the good works done. Yet I have seen and witnessed with my own naked eyes, the hardworking preaching endeavors fo men of God like Connie Adams, Ron Halbrook, Jim McDonald, J.T. Smith, et al. as they traversed the war zone Mindanao, and have climbed up the mountain areas to preach to the cultural minorities who are the communities of the mountain people or tribals, and I have witnessed them baptized personally these primitive people to Christianity.

As a just compensation of reward for these brethren, I ask the Filipino christians to give thanks and praises to God for them. These are truly heroes of the faith, that should be written in the pages of Philippine Church History, for an inspiration for all time. For these men were ready and prepared to even lost their only lives, in order that the Filipinos will find their lives in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

It is unperceivable that a fellow-American brother, would lead a group-force to impair the good refutation of the men mentioned above. They do not deserve to be discredited this way. It is ungodly to the core, to attempt to besmirch the integrity and honor of these men: Ron Halbrook, Jim McDonald, Earl S. Mitchell, Ken Marrs, and the others. Moreover, I am persuaded that the Filipino brethren in Mindanao, do have very high regards, love and respect to these men. To us these are special people sent by God to help the people in our country. These are the finest men whom I was blessed to have worked with. And they are the men we desperately need, who possess Philippine hearts, and minds, submissive to the Philippine cultures and traditions, in order to win many of us in Christ Jesus our Savior.

But we, the Filipino people are not all engrate or ungrateful. Most of us would heartily embrace and do appreciate the good things done for us and for our souls. We believed that the benevolence, which is the emblame, token of American love, was distributed well in 1998. Even so, we are working very hardly that the same will be done for the benevolence 1999. Yes, there are always men who are critics and dispisers of good works. They are there to try to destroy the good works done for us. Dear brethren, please accept our heartfelt apologies for the mal-treatment and unfairness displayed by your own countrymen living in this Country. Sure enough, we are warned by the Holy Scriptures by the ever presence of such men who are "boasters, false accusers, proud, dispisers fo good, tattlers, backbiters, etc." 2 Tim. 3:1-5; I Cor.12:20; I Tim. 5:13; Rom. 1:29-32; etc. So we have to watch and pray to God and be strong. I Cor. 16:13.

As I mentioned earlier, I have read or scanned the 28-page sent to me by Bro. Gumpad. This is composed of the attack, meaning the charges and accusations of Bro. Glenn Hamilton over some matters, including about the distribution of the benevolence given to the Filipinos in July 1998, and in June 1999. I want to make my own remarks to the things stated by Bro. Hamilton, in a kindly manner (1) I could possibly do, although he was not all discreet in attaining his purpose. I want to suppliment what others have done, proving that he is incorrect, inaccurate, and irresponsible, acknowledging that he claims himself as a Christian and a member of the Lord's church. Now, I want to point out however, that my little contribution to this discussion, may not be at all necessary. By this I mean, that the responses, inquiries, observations and conclusions made by good brethren from Ron Halbrook, Earl S. Mitchell, Joe Price, and others, on the charges and accusations of Bro. Hamilton, are very clear, legitimate, satisfactory and true, based on facts. What I could say would be an interesting informative enlightenment.

And now, I would deal with some of the things mentioned by Glenn Hamilton:

First, we would take note of what he said from his letter to Charles Waller, quoting from the first paragraph: "yours is the second version fo this story that I received. The original one (by Jim McDonald) was even worst than the one you sent. By "worse", I mean full of lies, deceptions, and misinformation. I do not mean to accuse Jim Mcdonald and Ron Halbrook, but rather the Filipinos who are deceiving these brethren."

Here, it is unequivocal, plain and clear, that Glenn Hamilton accuses the "Filipinos" of "deceiving" brethren Jim McDonald and Ron Halbrook, with information "full of lies, deception, and misinformation". This is LDM for short. These are not kind, brotherly or friendly words, (2) but are hard, extremely offensive, stink and hateful. I strongly contest to this LDM, and I submit that it is not applied to us Filipinos, but on the other way around. Who befits it? Let us see.

In the second paragraph of Hamilton's letter to Charles Waller, he made this statement: "The situation in Mindanao is not as bad as they pretend. The Government is at peace with the muslims, and the communist have never been a big threat in Mindanao."

It is nice to imagine that the Government is at peace with the muslims. There are many rebel groups of muslims, and truly, the Government is at peace with the MNLF. But there are several groups like the MILF, Abusayyap, and others, besides the splinters group. So, we say that this peace is far from reality. There is a good way to test the truth about what Bro. Hamilton has said about the peace and order condition in Mindanao. We challenge Hamilton to come and stay in the Cities controlled by the muslims like Catabato City. That way, he could personally experience the difference, and will learn the fact the hard way, and that he will be forced to eat his words. But I know that even in his imagination alone he is as scared as a rat. But he could be busy hiding and protecting himself to avoid being hostaged for ransom in just short time. But that could be a good lesson to him, instead of luxuriously constructing his $30,000 house he plans to build in Tuguegarao, staying close to Rody Gumpad's prospering and growing works fo the Lord, so he could continue to disrupt the work there in particular, and the work in the Philippines in general by circulating letters designed to destroy the influence of good preachers, both Filipinos and Americans, and that he could continue also to tell several lies on great and loved brethren like Connie W. Adams, Jim McDonnald, Ron Halbrook, Ken Marrs, and of others. He likes war. He will come to Cotabato, there is real war over here. At least he conceded with Bro. Earl S. Mitchell that there have been an ongoing war in Cotabato, not knowing that he contradicted himself. We ask: How come that there is peace in Mindanao when there is also war? We take note: This is the first LDM and first mistake of Bro. Glenn Hamilton.

An then, he said that, "The Communist have never been a great threat in Mindanao." Oh, well!!, this LDM syndrome is getting worse. I want to say very kindly, that only the ignoramus can make this incorrect statement, because it is a direct and blatant contradictory to the fact and famous history of the insurgencies in Mindanao, particularly in the provinces of Davao and Cotabato. Bro. Hamilton may have avoided this shameful blunder if he came first in our areas before openning his wide mouth. It is a common knowledge, that chaos, anarchy, fear and tensions reigned in Davao in the late 1980's. This was when people's lives were thought to have been slightly dearer than the life of a chicken. Communism have been a strong threat to the Government, specially in those days. Thus, the birth of "Nicaragdao", "Alsa Masa", "Nagasaka", "Makamasa", and the like. These were the effective contraforces that weakens communist in those dangerous days. Hamilton is clearly a victim of LDM. This is his second mistake.

In pararaph three, this brother made again these statements:"There can be no christians among the tribals because Christianity is not a native religion. If a tribal is converted, he or she must leave the tribe. In all the six years I have here, I have only heard of less than a dozen who have been converted."

Here, bro. Hamilton's description of tribal an attempt to make his point, does not at all carry water. The term "mountain tribals" referred to the cultural minorities living in the mountains. Although some cultural communities are also living in the urban, and in fact, some are educated or highly educated so so. The mountain tribals, who are also the primitive or native people in or mountains of Mindanao, most of them are, the Manobos, Bagobo, Matigsalog, Tagabawa, Tiboli, B'laan, Dyangan, Ata, Mansaca, Mandaya, Kamayo, Kualo, Tasaday, Eleanon, Teruray, etc., based upon the office of the then: Panomin, Mindahela, OSCC, now Lumad or Tribals. These are the people we preached of the gospel in Mindanao. It is them who we teach the truth in the Word fo God. They were the ones converted to christiantiy without the necessity of leaving their own tribe. Such story of Bro. Hamilton is just not so.

To further convince Glenn Hamilton that he is desperately mistake of his statement, with modesty aside, let me relate the tru story of the Philippine Lord's work, particularly over here in Cotabato and Davao. The fact is, that nobody could tell this true story except me. Proud, Oh well!! --

Let me start this story when I begun my full time preaching work in the early 1960's. Although I worked and preached to people of various walks of life, I also labored with the cultural minorities people.

In 1967, we baptized hundreds of B'laan tribes dwelling in Pag-asa, Cotabato. Prior to that event, Three Datus fo the B'laan tribe were baptized thru the efforts of Bro. Rod Diego. In 1968 I transfered our residence to Kidapawan to work full-blast in that place. We baptized a Datu of the Bagobo tribe, and again we baptized hundreds of Manobos and Bagobo tribes. In 1971-1972, two of us with Bro. Diego again, were able to convert and baptized three great and influential denominational preachers namely, Brethren Ruben Notarte, Manuel Ca-a and Manuel Enoch. Brethren Ca-a and Enoch were tribal preachers. These brethren have greatly contributed to the great growth and development of the Church of Christ in those days, for together with them, hundreds of churches were established, and literally thousands of mountain tribals were converted to the truth.

In 1984, Brother J. T. Smith climbed up the mountains (seven hills) of Suawan, Marilog District, Davao City, where Manuel Nadim is now preaching. And preached the gospel of Christ to the Bagobos and Dyangan Brethren there. And we went again to Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, to the churches where Joy and Julie Notarte have been working and preaching and there, brother Smith preached the Word of God with almost solid B'laan brethren from the mountains of Magsaysay and Matan-ao, Davao del Sur.

Brethren Jarry Parks, John Humphries, and Bob Buchanon went to many places in the mountains to preach with these tribals who are until now our brethren in Christ. We have great preachers, who were unafraid of real dangers like Connie W. Adams, Ron Halbrook, Jim McDanald, Ken Marrs, Earl S. Mitchell, Paul Casebolt, Larry Hafley, and many others who have preached several times, and edified the faith of these brethren who are mountain tribals. Many were baptized into Jesus Christ, as a results of their preaching to them. And I witnessed that these Americans themselves went into the water, rivers, creek or seas, to baptize these so called mountain people. I know very well, because most if not all of these occasions, I was always been the host yearly, and was the one who arranged the schedules of the preachings or Bible lectures for these American preachers mentioned above.

In 1999, we baptized a tribal chieftain, in Moncayo Comval Province. Brother Leopoldo Sarmiento immersed him. This is the place where brother Ecclesiastes Licayan work. Together with this chieftain, we also baptized hundreds of Mansacas, mountain people in the mountains of the Compostela Valley. I baptized the first five converts in Tambobong, Baguio District, Davao City, where brother Tinoy Suboy is preaching now with almost two hundred members of the Manaobo tribals. And there are several churches around these places all of the minority groups.

More than ten preachers came along with us to climb up the high mountains of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. We witnessed the T'boli tribal's conversion to Christ. A total of 19 preachers of the said tribe, with almost if not all, representing the T'boli, were there present, and were converted to the truth. So, this is an example of a whole tribal converted to christianity, in which brother Earl S. Mitchell talked about. That is unbelievable to Glenn Hamilton, but it was possible by the power of God.

With this facts outlined above, the statements made by Hamilton to Charles Waller is place LDM. He claimed he crossed the Country, but maybe he has gone only as far as Pagadian City, and this is still far away from our areas. Brethren Ron, Jim and Earl came across areas concerned, but this man Glenn, still insist that we fed these brethren wrong information. I think, inherently, he do not like the Filipinos as shown by his negative attitudes toward them. Even now, many mountain brethren are still hard up due to the rats, black bugs, and other pest and pestilence, but Hamilton do not like these poor brethren to be relieved, by the way of criticizing those who desire to help them, to discourage them from helping. But he is also doing nothing to help the poor. We take note that this is his third mistake, a grave mistake.

Again in paragraph four of Hamilton's letter to Waller, he said: "Are there pictures of the devastation? Sure you can get a pictures of the devastation? Sure you can get a picture out of any newspaper or travel up to the mountains and take a few pictures yourself."

Here, Glenn admits that here are devastation, from a paper or that any one can make pictures of this devastations. He sounds as though it is that easy to go to the mountains of Davao and Cotabato, with out putting oneself in great danger. Nevertheless, has he done this first, he should have found the naked truth about the needs of the brethren in the mountains, whether these are natives cultural minorities or otherwise. Of course, it is easier said than done. This man, unintentionally or intentionally, prefers to falsely accuse the brethren, rather than to see the truth for himself for the protection of the integrity of both in the brotherhood. Indeed, this is the fourth mistake of Hamilton.

In paragraph 5, he said: "Sixty Christians dead? In Jim's report he said 59 died of starvation. I check with the Philippine Papers, there have been no death due to starvation in Mindanao in 1999. So again more lies."

The best ways to check the veracity of the situation is to go and check with your own brethren. Today, there are many excellent fast medium to do it. One is by personal visitation for ocular investigation. Other methods are by telephone calls, by E-mails, by radio, or by letters. Had Hamilton done one of these things, which are available to some brethren or preachers, he should have avoided this embarrassment he is now in. If he should have contacted me or Julie Notarte, the proof of the dead should have been provided to him. Maybe if he can come to Davao City, we could go to the mountain to show him the graves fo brethren died of starvation. This is Glenn Hamilton's fifth mistake.

Here is the statement in paragraph 6: "The distribution of money last year by Halbrook and Mcdonald was the biggest waste of the Lord's money I ever heard of. In Mindanao many call it the great Motorcycle Benevolence because almost all the preachers suddenly bought motorcycles after Halbrook and McDonald left."

This statement of Hamilton is interesting yet alarming, if it is true. First of all, let me explain, that the brethren like Emilio Lumapay Jr., Jesse Julom, Ben Libertino, Julie Notarie, Ben Asas, Gerry, Ca-a, Gerry Telebanco, Dominador Neniel, and others, have their own areas of works. They are capable and ever prepared to depend themselves, just as I do. I have my own areas of works too, and I am speaking for and in behalf of this works, alone. We have more than 65 churches, both old and newly established ones. We have more than 85 preachers; young and old to. We train an average of ten preachers every month, and these preachers go to the field of preaching, zealously. These 65 churches and 85 preachers are located in the ten progressive big provinces of Mindanao, where the Lord's work is very prospective. These churches and preachers are both from the rural and the urban areas, from the mountains and plains, from the countryside and of the cities. It certainly includes the mountain tribals. The statement of Bro. Hamilton in regards to the Great Motorcycle benevolence does not fit to us at all. Why? Because NONE of us 85 preachers have a motorcycle at this date of writing. NO preacher, or even member to that effect, with more than 3000 membership, owns a motorcycle, either old or new ones. We are from "Mindanao", and in ten prominent provinces in it, but nobody has bought a motorcycle, either from their own pocket money, or from the "benevolence". It is very sad that Hamilton is mistaken. So if this wild statement of Glenn is proven false, and it is false and LDM, what he said about the matter of "the biggest waste of the Lord's money he ever heard of", is a false alarm and a big hoax in the history of the church of the Lord. We note again; this is the sixth mistake of Glenn Hamilton.

In the same paragraph, he again made this statement: "Many churches divided over how to distribute the benevolence."

Well, I am specially interested on this topic. When brother Earl S. Mitchell asked Hamilton of the names to those who said about the motorcycle benevolence, this brother answered back by saying that he would have to dig to find the names of all the various preachers who have been accused of buying motorcycles, or land, or repairing their own homes, or whatever. Brother Ron made a very good comment on this which silenced Hamilton. But this man seems to have complete logistics to shell charges about "Buying lands, repairing homes or whatever". Is it inherently wrong to do these things? As I said, that none of us preachers (85) own a motorcycle. Yes, at this writing, no one have it, but suppose a brother or a preacher would decide to buy a motorcycle, buy lands, repair homes, and whatever, is it a sin to do that? Of course not. No one in his right mind would say that it is wrong to do these things. But if someone charge that by procuring these things, he used the benevolence, then proof and evidence should be laid down on the table for scrutiny. I would say this, that in our areas of work, none of us got a big and beautiful homes, lands or whatever. At least at this time of writing. But granting that we have, as I said, it is not a sin to acquire properties in a legal way. One should have a burden of proof to prove that these properties were illegally or unscriptrurally obtained. Remember, allegations is not a proof, and without a proof, one would be an alligator, and alligator has a long nose, usually a rugged nose.

But are there churches in Mindanao who were divided over how to distribute the benevolence? In this portion, Bro. Mitchell asked Hamilton as to "What churches, please give me the names and addresses, or the preacher's name". To this legal question, Hamilton listed names and places (3), such as: Sonny Tobias in Pagadian City; Ian Balbin of Davao City; Primitivo Repolio of Cebu City; Leo Aglugub of Tuguegarao; Roman Wanasen in Manila, et. This is very interesting indeed. Brother Bert Enostacion of San Fernando City, identified Leo Aglugub as among the first group fo "false teachers", and mentioned Repolio has been in this City preaching. It is possible that he is the one referred to by Bro. Bert Enostacion called this group as the one advocating the "One Eternal Covenant Doctrine". Of course, these are of divisive spirits. That is one of their characteristics.

Again, Bert Enostacion, classified Roman (Roger) Wanasen and Sonny Tobias, and again another from Cebu City, as among the second group of "false teacher". In 1975 I have personally say the old Wanasen in his home in Pangasinan. Although I already forgot his name, but when we met each other, I saw a good man of God, and a faithful preacher of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not know about his sons as to their spiritual standing this time. It was also my first time to have heared of Leo Aglugub, and Sonny Tobias yet I know that they are not a popular figure. But I know Bro. Primitivo Repolio from the early 1970's. He is a long time friend, but he was always in trouble in his private and his preaching life. I am not sure whether his words are reliable or not basing upon his background and his standing in the brotherhood.

Now, we come to Ian Balbin of Davao City. He is my nephew, son of our youngest brother in the family. I first trained him as a preacher, then I sent him to study in Cainta under Bro. Wallace Little, and with Bro. Jim Puterbough. There he met Bro. Glenn Hamilton. I tried to warn him of his association with Bro. Hamilton, but last summer, he was there with him again. His name was also listed with those who can testify of the allegedly "many churches divided over how the benevolence was distributed". It was a real surprise to me, and I was shocked about it. We had a long dialogue with Ian five times. He cannot corroborate or confirm the allegation of Bro. Hamilton, because he will not, and cannot substantiate it. There is not like it that happened as asserted, at least as far as Davao City or in Mindanao is concerned. This is the seventh mistake of Hamilton.

Again, Bro. Mitchell observed: "You stated that Jim and Ron did not really know any work there. The Scripture tell us that we can know a person's work by their fruits. We saw a lot of fruits."

To this, Hamilton replied: "Yes, but the 'fruit' we are looking for is the fruit of the spirit" (Gal. 5:22-24). The fruit left in congregations who received large amounts of cash was fighting, dissension, bitterness and wrath. Proof? Write the men listed above."

Once again, Ian was pointed as one of the "proof-men". My nephew is a student of the University of Mindanao in Davao City. He is partly a scholar, and taking up Political Science. He is a bright boy with a good future. He is also part timely supported. Thus, together with my two sons, they are my good hands in the Lord's work. Because of his studies, he does local work. He is one of the best teachers in our Preachers Training Program. His is doing good in his job. I do the work in traveling to churches. So I know most of the impulses, movement, feelings, activities and belief of the churches, specially in my area of works of 65 congregations and 85 preachers in it. I know them by name and by person. Ian don't, and he do not pretend to know it. If he will say anything about the work aside from the local work in Davao City; if it happened that he was not aware that he said something to Hamilton, these are all classified hearsays. And Ian accepts that. Now, due to his negligence to correct himself (4), he is presently not permitted to teach and preach in the New Matina Church or to any congregation in Mindanao for this matter, until he can straighten his name. This is important to clarify the charges made by bro. Glenn Hamilton, to avoid speculation and to make right his difficult situation he is in now. Once again, the so called "fruits" other than the "fruits of the spirit", as charged does not exist in Mindanao. There is not of it over here with in the genuine christians. But of course, present, among the enemies of the cross of Christ. As we said earlier, there are those false accusers and despisers fo good. I beg Bro. Hamilton to stop using the boy, contrary wise, he is destroying the young man's future; both morally, financially and spiritually. We take note again. This the eight mistake of Glenn Hamilton.

In the letter of J. I. Edwards to Bro. Ron Halbrook in regards to Bro. Jim McDonald, who claims that his method in preaching in the Philippines is necessary here because this is "a poor country", and because it is "traditional" for the preachers to pay for every meals and transportation expenses of the preachers who attended the Bible lectures held by the American borhters, I would say this; that the explanation or justification made by brother McDonald is legitimate and acceptable. We will take note here again, that Hamilton was stucked up in his usual inaccuracy when he declared that "the tradition began in the 1970's when the Americans starting doing it." (5) .... "I have traveled across the country" ... "I know that it is not necessary to pay for food and transportation because I do not do that...".

Perhaps, this is the right time to show to Bro. Hamilton, that I know more the history of the conservative church of christ in Mindanao, than any living preacher in this area today.

I was baptized in June 1962, and I immediately attended the Zamboanga Bible College, until I finished the course in 1965. I taught in this school, and was granted full-scholarship to pursue a secular course which I did. Although, I was offered to teach full time college Bible subjects, with the prospect to "master" Bible in America, with some enticing features for me, i denied these things. What was my reason of denial? This was what happened; I was then the school libraarian fo the Zamboanga Bible School. Among the books in the library, I read some books like: "We Be Brethren" by J. D. Thomas, Arlington Meeting, the Wood-Cogdill Debate on the controversial issues, plus I had the access to read the religious magazine like, The Firm Foundation, Gospel Advocate and some others. There was no Gospel Guardian. In my research and studies fo the controversial issues, I discovered, and learned about the many errors of "Liberalism" in the church of the Lord. In 1965, right there in Zamboanga City, I started advocating the conservative side of the current controversial issues. So in Zamboanga City I started teaching conservatism. Such was a strong decision for me, and I was then branded as an "anti". Then the persecution from my very own friends and brethren began. I went back to Cotabato, in Matalam, my home town. There I met Bro. Romulo Agduma preaching then in Mlang, Cotabato. He was alone fighting for the truth in Cotabato, until we met and joined forces to combat against liberalism. I was then fully supported by the Montebello church in Montebello California, where brother Gilbert Copeland, the Elder brother of Jady Copeland was the preacher there. That was the beginning of the fast development and progress of the so called "antis" or the conservative views of the church. Two of us with Romulo Agduma started the battle for truth in Mindanao, and spread possibly throughout the Philippines. Brother Agduma then was sickly, but I was then a young man. I went to the prominent liberal teachers in their homes, one by one, studying the issues, while Romulo stays at home because of his sickness. Public debates were held in both oral and written to uphold the truth. Then the preachers realized their errors, and became contenders of truth just like me. Many liberal preachers here in the Philippines depicted also to conservatism the rest of the story was already stated earlier. Brother Rodrigo Diego, our pioneer companion in the fight against the digression in the church, is still living witness today.

In 1970, brethren Roy E. Cogdill and Cecil Willis came to Mindanao, and we met them at the airport of Davao City. We had the usual annual lectureship of the brotherhood, and this time we had them as the primary speakers. In fairness to this good friends and brethren Roy and Cecil, this kind of "tradition" of conducting Bible lectures, were not started by them. It was not even done in the subsequent years, with brethren Connie and J. T. in 1971. I know this because I was one of the organizers with brother Romulo Agduma for these lectures.

It was in 1977 or 1978, that this tradition was innagaurated. It was started by Brother Jim Puterbough, who was also then a successful business executive. Together with brother Lowell Williams, early that year. This was a more than a month Bible classes where brother Jim P. paid for the food and transportation and some kind of allowance to the preachers who attended in Kidapawan, Cotabato. Some from the Visavan Islands, and some folks from Manila. I was then living in Davao City, and almost all the Bible lectures held annually with American lecturer, was hosted by me. This kind of arrangement of me hosting the lectures every year, lasted until the coming of brethren Jim McDonald and Ken Marrs in Mindanao in about the year 1994. The reason was because the Lords work has greatly expanded that they have to hold the Bible lecture in other places. And that was right and good for the advancement for God's Kingdom.

Hmilton said that he was already in the country for five years already. If it was so, sooner or during these years were in the reigning influences of both brethren Wallace Little and Jm Puterbaugh throughout the nation from Apari to Jolo. In all these years they were practicing the "tradition". Question: Why is it that Hamilton did not despise or reprimand Little and Puterbaugh, in their method of conducting bible lectures, if the matter is wrong, despicable and unscriptural? Why, if he abominates the practice, if it was wrong for them to do so, why did he not correct Wally and Jim for doing such things? Could it be because these guys are his friends and that he hates the guts and success of brethren Jim McDonald, Ron Halbrook, Ken Marrs and etc? This is a sin for Hamilton to behave this way, 2 John 9-11. (6) Bah!, inconsistency is still a precious jewels. And why not? Why in the world is he criticizing the "tradition" with brother Jim McDonald, bro. Ron Halbrook, Bro. Earl S. Mitchell or of others, when he has not done it to his comrades who have started it? And if Ian is telling the truth about Hamilton's method in conducting bible lectures himself, sure enough he is also practicing the "tradition" in his own version. We take note again. This is the ninth mistake of Hamilton.

Relative to what bro. Hamilton say about the "biggest waste of the Lord's money I've ever heard of"; bro. Justin Atkins commented for Glenn: "also I assume that you have made efforts to rebuke this man of whom you know guilty of blatant dishonesty and misappropriation that you have warned those you worship with to avoid these man (Rom. 16:17). To this effect, Hamilton also replied, "If they would name where they hear these fantastic tales, then we would know who the frauds are, and more specially, I could write or go to the man and see why they are deceiving the brethren. Until I know who it is, how can I go to my brother?"

I submit that bro. Hamilton is not sincere in his statements. In June 1999, he had already heard and learned about the "five reputable preachers". They were identified by bro. Ron Halbrook in his report for march 24-April 30, 1999. I was mentioned as one of them but then, he did not deliver nor fulfill what he said, to "go to the men or write" them (the "frauds"). He did know them alright, but he had forsaken his solemn duty for them, Titus 2:15. There was no rebuking made. There was no coming to us. He was just talking to the wind, with empty words. This is his tenth mistake.

I can go on and find more mistakes of our beloved brother Glenn Hamilton, on the bases of his statements in his writings. Bro. Jim McDonald, Bro. Ron Halbrook, and Bro. Earl S. Mitchell, has made excellent reputations in clearly showing Glenn Hamilton's mistakes. They have ably presented what is wrong in the man. There is no doubt he got an LDM syndrome, and this is in an acute stage already. Just from my examination alone, I have found him mistaken in ten counts. This is too much, and I can find more of them.

In closing, may I humbly say, that I am ready for a debate, public oral debate with Bro. Glenn Hamilton. If he accepts my challenge, we would arrange for a meeting to form the propositions. I have in hand three propositions for a debate with him. I shall hear from him.

May God's blessing be upon everyone who read this reaction of mine. I did this purposely for brotherly and peace to everyone. I wrote this to defend the truth, that the progress of the Lords work in the Philippines will not be hampered or hindered by anyone. I wrote this for my love and faith in our God. To His praise and His glory, in Christ Jesus, with the communion of the Holy Spirit to be with us all. Amen. And Amen.

Brotherly in Christ,
Juanito P. Balbin
New Matina Church of Christ
P.O. Box 81420
8000 Davao City, Philippines

1. Claims of kindness conflict with earlier remarks discrediting others , unsympathetic , implied false accusations .

2. Claims of kindness conflict with earlier remarks discrediting others , unsympathetic , implied false accusations .

3. Notice the no-win situation. Names were requested and when furnished, each man's reputation is called into question - implying they are unreliable witnesses with motives to lie.

4. Notice the implication that Ian supported Glenn's point, so he was barred from preaching at churches his uncle controls.

5. Balbin confirms Glenn's statement, despite his contention that Glenn did not know what he was talking about. See when supporting preachers to come to meetings started.

6. Balbin supports Little and Puterbaugh enough to send his nephew to study under them but condemns Glenn for talking with them.