Corruption in the Philippines
Dear bros. Jeff Hamilton & Morris Bowers,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all, I do not know you both personally, except maybe the fact that you are also preaching the gospel, and love the Lord as well. Perhaps we have that in common. Both of us love the truth and shun errors, corruptions, and such like in the church of our Lord.

It is very interesting to read the very long subjects and titles of charges and counter charges of gospel preachers from both Americans and Filipinos as well, about things which happened for the past many years. Perhaps, the collection of alledged corruptions in the work in the Philippines, is now a virtue to enhance peace, love and unity among brethren. Perhaps, we are thinking, that to expose these alledged controversies, is the solution to stop these problems.

This is far from truth, because we are not aware and do not know the facts of these problems. We are not provided the complete informations in details, and it is unfair for us if we are to be judged of the things which we do not know of, and injustice for us to make comment with matters which are ipossible for us to know, as to who is who, and which is which that tells the truth. Most of these problems, we just know them right now because they are being destributed through email system, by you.

Please lay the cards open in the table. But we must be very careful not to dig up the burried hatchet again. God fobid that Israel is not troubled with gossips and hearsays again, otherwise, war is insighted in the camp.

Brother Hamilton, let me remind you that our mission is to build and not to demolish. If your purpose is to edify, I can join you in that motive. We do not justify sin and error. We have to correct them, and convict sinners to repent of their wrong deeds. They asked forgiveness to the Lord, then the matter is forgiven and forgotten by God and man. That is exacrly what is ought to be for we are brethren, and can commit sin and mistake too.

I will give much time for you in this interesting case. I promise you that. That is, if you think that the world must know the "wickedness" of the preachers of the true Church of Christ.

God bless you.

Brotherly in Christ,

Juanito P. Balbin

[Editor's Note: To see Jeff Hamilton's response, click here.]