Corruption in the Philippines

From: Nathaniel Besinga
To: Nehemias A. Hayuhay
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2003 12:44 AM
Subject: Fwd: Enostacion's report

Dear brother Bot [Editor's Note: Bot is Nehemias A. Hayuhay's nickname],

I read your FWD: e-mail and thank you for letting me know about the joint report of bros. Bert and Lordy on their recent preaching trip in southern part of Mindanao.

I admired their courage and strong determination on how they REBUKED and EXPOSED the ungodly activities and shameful situation in our area to our U.S. brethren – half the world away! I attest to (since I am living here in General Santos City) that the said anomalies they mentioned were widely known here. In fact, I made some measures to minimize it (in a Biblical way) – if not totally eradicate the ungodly activities in the brotherhood.

Anyway, I agree with you that their “EXPOSE” become FAIR ENOUGH if they sent copies (cc) to all concerned (since they named names already) so that their RIGHTS will no be deprived and be given TIME and OPPORTUNITIES to DEFEND and SPEAK of THEMSELVES.

For me, brother Bert is more AUTHORITIVE in REBUKING and EXPOSING – if it is true that he had a past record of the same offences that he is now (exposing) accusing – but he is already forgiven. It’s a lesson by experienced!

Brother Ron said: “ God will forgive our sins ONLY if we REPENT and BRING FORTH FRUITS MEET FOR REPENTANCE (Acts 8:22; Acts 26:20; 2 Cor. 7:10-11). Worldly, carnal sorrow experiences self-pity because of the hardships and heartaches resulting from ungodly attitudes and conduct. Godly sorrow seeks forgiveness from God and results in CHANGES of attitude and conduct."

In God's love and mine,


[Editor's Note: See reply by Nehemias A. Hayuhay]