Corruption in the Philippines
Subject: Please reply as soon as you have time....
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 08:05:17 -0700
From: Dean Blackwell
To: Jeffrey W. Hamilton <>


I recently received the two attachments from preachers in the Philippines.
While surfing through the net I came across a post of yours "The Corruption of Money". Pretty scary! Before the brethren here decide to send a one-time amount of financial support I have been asked to do some investigating to determine whether or not the preachers are worthy.
I do not know Jim McDonald, Derek Chambers or Steve Wallace. (Not the Steve Wallace from Sunnyside, WA but a different preacher) Are they conservative preachers with a good reputation?
The Pilipino preachers (Edgar Samodal and Jonathan Sapitula) gave me their names as references. Do you know anything about Edgar Samodal or Jonathan Sapitula? Both claim to be non-institutional. It is a coincidence that one writes about just having 19 baptisms as a result of a Radio program and Lectureship.
When I asked the other one if he knew him he said he'd heard of him but not met him. I told him about the 19 baptisms.
Then, by coincidence, he writes and tells me that he just had 15!??? Maybe I'm overly suspicious, but it sure sounds odd to me.


[Response by Glenn Hamilton]