Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Brethren,

Greetings to in Christ name our Savior.

I am Johnny Buguis,the Tribal Preacher here in Mindanao Philippines,,I Preaching many Years,from my Converted to the Gospel of Christ not man Doctrine,on the Year of 2002,Thank God until now are still alive,together with My wife Ruthie,and we haved only one daughter Kathleen Joy.

Two Congregation where I Preaching the Gospel of Christ every Sunday,Talok Church of Christ,and Lagpan Church of Christ,here in the area of Sarangani Province,
and there are some places newly opening work for gospel meeting.

Help me to pray that the work of the Vineyard of Christ in some newly opening that souls Added to the Lord's Church,they will come grounded to the Truth and they maintain their service in the Lord's Work Faithfully.

even you are far distance from us but this communication is we are Nearly because we are in a Member of the Body of Christ,

Our Prayer be with you all.

Thank you and God richly bless you and your family.

In Christ,

Johnny Buguis
P.O.Box 46752
General Santos City

[Editor's note: See Hamilton's discussion regarding preaching to Filipino tribals. See a more detailed discussion here.]