Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Bro.Jeffrey,

Greetings in Christ name our savior.

in many years,hardship come in our life for the work of the Lord's Vineyard where I preach the gospel of Christ in diffrence places here in Philippines,among the Tribal People,and also the Tribe were critical to teach the gospel of Christ like { MUSLIM}.

Me I Johnny Buguis,my Wife Ruthie Buguis,& my Daughter Kathleen Joy.I am a Tribal Preacher,called Blaan.

on this year 2007 I will communicated with you,that all the situation incountered upon in my life that I am face to face too,Please help me to pray and give som incouragesment from you,and adviced me for some Idea instruction from you Brethren.

in diffrence places some difficult area places our ways run of Transportation,thank God made us to safety Travelled.

Help me to Pray a Cetain man Name Ali Gama,he is in the Critical situation upon his living because all of his fellow muslim he reject him too with his family.this family they are a Christian they will Obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ,not now they are in Jesus Christ Doctrine.
help him to pray with his family so that they become grounded to the Truth.

I hope you are in good condition even we are far distance places but through prayer and letter we will communicated its one of us too.

Thank you & God richly bless you and Your Family.

In Christ,

Johnny Buguis
P.O.Box 46752
General Santos City