Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: I debated publishing this note. I do not know the author. There are statements that I have confirming documentation from more reliable sources. There are statements in this document that I know to be false, but even the willingness to make false accusations can tell you much about the person making the statements. This is from a man who a month prior stated he had left the church. Click here to read that note.]

Dear Bretheren,

Please be inform these name "BEWARE and MARKED THEM" they are a corrupt men claiming that they are workers for the vineyard of the Lord but actualy they are the No. 1 enemies of Jesus Christ. the ffg names are as follows;

1. Wallace Little - this member of Church of Christ MDR & ONE ETERNAL COVENANT DOCTRINE. He is not a member of the TRUE Church of Christ .

[Editor's Note: Not to be defending Brother Little (he is quite able to defend himself), but I did want to point out that "MDR" does not tell you a single thing about Brother Little's beliefs regarding the topics of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. I have heard at least five different teachings on each of these three topics with all sorts of curious blends. Unless you know the beliefs of the author on marriage, divorce and remarriage, you cannot tell whether you agree or disagree that with his assessment that Brother Little's teaching is scriptural or not.]

2.Rosendo C. Gumpad- He is receiving of $150.00 Dollars monthly but NO WORK, NO CONGREGATION He use his support for personal pleasures ONLY. Not to what you are expecting that He use his support for the Gospel. if you want to prove, Baguio City is Open for Anybody to come and Prove. Specialy Brethren from U.S. This is what Apostles Juan discribed thesemen "TRANSGRESSETH" it is transgresseth to received support without work 2 John 1:9.

3. ROGELIO "ROGER" SALVEIJO a.k.a. ROGER SALVAJE he is Adulterer. CASES; He take oath before god and before people of Municipality of La Trinidad where they secured Marriage Licence and He Declare that His former Wife name; DOLORES is died,He claimthat he is widow promting Mr Andrew Gawe (M.D.R) to solemnize thier marriage to MARIA SALVO (New wife) of Pinalpal,Inmalog,Sison,Pangasinan . this woman also(Maria)declare also that She is SINGLE . but John 8;32 "the truth shall make you free"and as per evidence of truth, later found that the former LEGAL wife name DOLORES of ROGELIO A.K.A." ROGER SALVAJE" Salviejo is not true died.She is still alive ! evidence is in the hand of Municipal COUNCILOR ISIDRO TACIS ,with complete address at Pob. San Juan, well as the new illegal wife of ROGELIO SALVIEJO name MARIA SALVO, she have a legal husband name ROGEL. evidence is in the local civil registrar of Sison, Pangasinan. before She got Married to Mr. NOTORIOS ADULTERER Rogelio a.k.a. "Roger Salvaje"Salviejo. evidence of solemnizing the marriage contract is in the hand of Mr. ANDREW GAWE "the silent MDR who is now in Antioch, California. December 2000 Rogelio Salviejo was attemp to rape a woman name GERLIE inside the Coop where the woman working as collector and Rogelio Salviejo working as an General Manager with salary of P 15,000.00 monthly aside his support $ 350.00 from Dickinson Church of Christ located at Texas where Thomas Gast is the one of the Elder to this congregation , but MRS. GERLIE resist and report this case to the Barangay Court located at Buyagan, LaTrinidad, Benguet. CONCLUSION: Their worship to GOD is in Vain (Mat:15:9) What the blind MAN saw? (Matt. 15:14 ) ...If the Blind lead the Blind. Both shall fall into the ditch. Apostle Paul turn over Alejandro and Hemenio to Satan desame with Salviejo 2 Tesalonians 3:6 teach that Beware for these men walk disorderly ; including His Supporter DICKINSON CHURCH OF CHRIST under the Eldership of THOMAS GAST if they continued to support to ROGELIO SALVIEJO.

4. JAIME VARONA of Guisad Church- He is ELDER & EVANGELIST for this congregation here in Baguio City. DOCTRINES & TEACHINGS : a) BAGUIO CHURCH OF CRHIST (GUISAD ) are desame Practise , Teachings & Doctrines with to the BAGUIO CHURCH OF CHRIST LIBERALISM, INSTITUTIONALISM. Mr. Jaime Varona Ratified this teachings, doctrines When He conducted the solemnasation of the wedding her daugther at the bldg. of the Baguio Church of Christ Liberal found at # 18 Rimando Road, Baguio City. He Solemnize the marriage of Her Daugther at the Chapel of the liberalism & the Evangelist of the said Liberalism Mr. Teofelo Alcayde are the One to delever the spiritual Message before the solemnazation. He Teach that if the Elder WIFE dies, the ELDER still continue his Eldership. and Guisad Congregation are ONE and DESAME the Group of Mr Notorios FATHER OF LIAR GLEN Hamilton and His Rigth Hand (deep penetration agent) Mr. MATEO RAYMER with Internet address at (MDR, ONE ETERNAL COVENANT DOCTRINE)as well as ROGER Wanasen (MUTUAL EDEFICATION).

[Editor's Note: I have a strong disagreement with the labeling of Glenn Hamilton and Matt Raymer, but most will dismiss that as a natural bias (Glenn is my youngest brother). I cannot figure out why Roger Wanasen, who lives in Manilla (6 hours away), is tied with the others. I strongly suspect jealousy is a motivation here since Matt Raymer preaches in Baguio City where the author is from. Glenn Hamilton once preached in Baguio City, but left several years ago.]

5. MARK BAYADO of Cypress, Baguio City. He Claim that He Have 60 Member but Actualy no Work .He, His Wife , His Mother In Law, only the member. of that Church. He is now Claiming that He was preach to Kalinga and Baguio City. MODUS OPERANDE" they claim that they many members so that in time of BENVOLENCE they Received MORE! like the previos. they received and bagged much from JIM MCDONALD & RON HALLBROOK..

6. RAY JACOB - No Work and no congregation this was like a LION roaring around, He is still enjoying the support of PBC or Church of Christ liberalism by staying at the Bldg. of the so called Liberalism. His present residence is # 18 rimando Road, Baguio City." MODUS OPERANDI "During Sundays He going to attend where the Brethrens gatherings , after He was stablish his face (few weeks) He was now write and claiming to the U.S. Brethren that He have stablished a congregation promting to ask support.

7. Mr. Aurelio Ellana- With Address at Maria Aurora , Province. Claiming that he have a radio program located at Pangasinan but actualy NONE. He use the Radio Program Support for his personal Pleasure.

8. Mr. Ben Ngisloaon - With address at Besao Proper, Besao, Mt. Province , Sometimes This man Recieving support from Conservative Bretheren, but He teach ONE CUP Church Of Christ . Please take note: this man is a Preacher of ONE CUP CHURCH OF CHRIST.

9. Mr. Ciano Ibayan- with address also at Besao Proper, Besao, Mt. Province, this man also is a companion of Mr. Ben Ngislaoan, He is also a preacher of ONE CUP CHURCH OF CHRIST. Beware of this men. Said Mr. Ibayan, is one of the most corrupt preachers, He recieved something amount from bretheren of Conservative at COBHILL CHURCH OF CHRIST, Kentucky U.S. , and recieved also at the ONE CUP CHURCH of CHRIST, as well the CHURCH OF CHRIST LIBERAL. "beware of this Corrupt Preacher".

If You are in doubt with this reports I incourage you come here in Baguio City to Prove, I beleive that Our God is the Witnes. "Beware of this men including their supporters...

In His Service,
M. Burgos "Mr. Expose"