Corruption in the Philippines

May 3, 1996
Tuguegarao, Cagayan-3500

Dear Brother Rody C. Gumpad,

Attached is our letter concering you and we are furnishing some Filipino and American Brethren for their information. This is the sentiments of most of our brethren here in our area include the metro Tuguegaro church where you preach. It is hurting and grieve us much to make this letter but this is the only way that you will realize and be enlightened of what you are now. We are doing this for you, for all of us and aboue all for God's glory. The following reasons prompted us to do this:

  1. Some of us the undersigned talked to you formally and informally but you don't heed us. Oftentimes, your comment is that, no one can stop me, it is not their money.
  2. You are temperamental and you don't accept mistakes even in the presence of witnesses. You always deny and you are belittling us.
  3. Past confrontations dictates that the agrieve party turned to be blamed and you are the victor because of your influence.
  4. History dictates that you lost three of your previous best friends because you and your wife is the problem.

Now, you are losing your credibility, you are losing the respect of your brethren, you are losing another best friend again and now you are in the brink of losing your own soul. Brother Rody Gumpad, please examine yourself. Are you happy to have all those properties and money while the brethren around you and non-saints don't respect you? Are you happy to live comfortably and live in a house built out of deceit? How do we know this? Because you have been teaching us to do but we can't stomach it. Which do you put attention first? To acquire properties and build new building or spend first for your ailing children? You have money to buy properties but you still continue seeking benevolence for your sick children. Why Brother Rody? Are you trying to exchange the value of your soul because of money? (Matt 16:26) Again, we love you. Please repent. Bear fruit of true repentance. Stop deceiving brethren in the U.S. Put the armor of God on, (Ephe 6:10-17) not put more dollars in your account. Influence your brothers Ronnie Gumpad and Rosendo Gumpad Jr to preach the pure Gospel diligently and not to seek more dollars diligently. Teach them to be humble and not to be somebody.

Brother Rody Gumpad, fight against Satan, fight for the Lord, and fight for the salvation of your soul.

Your concerned Brethren and fellow preachers in Cagayan,

[Signed: Robert Gamiao]
[Signed: Edgar A. Ngaddan]
[Signed: Rey E. Corsino]
[Signed: Resne V. Graneta]
[Signed: Felipe Catolos]
[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]
[Signed: Francisco G. Pagulayan]
[Signed: Rey O. Ugale]
[Signed: Freddie C. Aresta]