Corruption in the Philippines

Neo L. Aglugub
Edgar A. Ugaddan
Robert R. Gamiao
Restie V. Graneta
Felipe C. Catolos
Rey E. Corsino
Freddie C. Aresta
Rey O. Ugale
Francisco G. Pagulayan
c/o P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan-3500

June 17, 1996

Dear Brother Rody C. Gumpad,

This is in response to your semi-pleading letter dated June 11, 1996 which is not responsive to our May 3 and 27, 1996 letter. May we request you to please be responsive and attack the real issues.

  1. That the issues are:
    a. Whether or not the properties mentioned are existing or not.
    b. Whether or not the properties are acquired through your support or thru other means.
    c. That you are in question about self-denial.
  2. That we are not committing any felony even moral defamation as you have mentioned because in writing the letter we were not drived or prompted by MALICE, ILL-WILL or purpose to INJURE but rather in response to a moral OBLIGATION. It has been ruled by the Supreme Court that members of a religious organization have a moral duty to bring to the attention of the church authorities the misbehaviour of the spiritual leaders or of fellow members, like you.
  3. That it is not our obligation to confront with you rather it is YOUR OBLIGATION and that we are giving you all the time to explain your side.
  4. That the conditions you mentioned for a confrontation are ALL IMPOSSIBLE which is tantamount to a conclusion that you do not really want to confront with us. Attached is a xerox copy of a telegram from Bro. Jun Macusi, your father in the Faith.
  5. That we don't have to repent because telling the TRUTH is not a SIN. (Galatians 4:16)
  6. That if you really want UNITY and PEACE confront with us without any impossible conditions. Furthermore, it is not our duty to invite the Americans to prove your innocence but rather it is your duty.
  7. Now, you are soliciting signatures from other congregations to vouch your credibility but this is SELF-SERVING. The signatories does not know the real issues. Even Tuguegarao Congregation where you preach, you cannot convince and get 100% signatures from them.

We know that you are mentally tortured but your heart is hardened like King Pharaoh. If you will continue to be like that, God will punish you.

You may tear again this letter but you cannot destory the TRUTH.

We assure you, that we continue serving the Lord with all our heart, that's why we are condemning SIN.

Your Concerned Brethren,
[Signed: Rey O. Ugalo]
[Signed: Francisco G. Pagulayan]
[Signed: Felipe C. Catolos]
[Signed: Rey E. Corsino]
[Signed: Freddie Aresta]
[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]
[Signed: Edgar A. Ugaddan]
[Signed: Robert R. Gamiao]