Corruption in the Philippines

Republic of the Philippines
Casa Ludiuina
Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan

July 06, 1996

Joint Affidavit

That we are the same persons who made and signed the letter dated May 3, 1996, and the same person who accepted their mistakes in no confronting first with Bro. Rody about the charges made.

Likewise, Bro. Rody Gumpad also accepted his mistake in providing the documents which are not correct to Bro. Kenneth Marrs in his letter dated June 14, 1996 on point numbers 3, 4, 5 page no. 2.

For purposes of harmony and unity, it has been agreed by all parties concern not to discuss the issues anymore. (All cleared / Accepted.)

This agreement has been made this 6th day of July, 1996 at about 11:00 oclock A.M., Tuguegarao, Cagayan.

[Signed: Mariano Belgeera], Moderator
[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]
[Signed: Edgar A. Ugaddan]
Freddie Aresta (Absent)
[Signed: Rey E. Corsino]
[Signed: Francisco Pagulayan]
[Signed: Robert R. Gamiao]
[Signed: Felipe Catolos]
[Signed: Restie V. Graneta]
[Signed: Rey O. Ugale]
[Signed: Rody C. Gumpad]

[Signed: Relando Aggor] Witness
[Signed: Al R. Gamiao] Witness
[Signed: Earnest B. Tuppil] Witness
[Signed: John P. Daguyah] Witness
[Signed: Ademao B. Telan] Witness
[Signed: Dennis Yuson] Witness
[Signed: Ricky Monter] Witness
[Signed: Nelson Delena] Witness
[Signed: Ronnie O. Gumpad] Witness
[Signed: Emetiero Picsiwen] Witness
[Signed: Lorenzo L. Larparo] Witness