Corruption in the Philippines

P. O. BOX 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan-3500

September 30, 1996

Ney Rieber
6413 Zion Church Road,
Sanford, North Carolina-27330-9509


Dear Brother Rieber,

We received information through Internet about Rody Gumpad's letter to you dated August 20, 1996 and your reaction regarding this. This issue was agreed to be closed between Rody and us, However, when he was there in the U.S., he sent partial information and want to whitewash the charges, To be fair, we are furnishing and giving you full information what had really transpired. Attached are letters and documents (Exhibit 1-15) for your perusal.

We made our charges (exhibit 1) to Brother Rody Gumpad and gave him a copy. We sent this letter without confronting him because this is the best way to deal with a Brother like Brother Rody Gumpad who don't accept mistakes and for him to have true repentance. Instead of facing the charges, he tore up into pieces our letter and returned to us with a note that we are Satan. He fabricated stories about us and refused to be confronted about the charges. Further, he prepared forms (refer to exhibit 11) and solicited signatures of some brethren to vouch his credibility. Brother Rody Gumpad prepared a 3 pages letter dated June 14, 1996 and attached these solicited signatures. The signatories does not know that what they signed was attached to the 3-page letter. finally, we have our confrontation with witnesses on July 6, 1996; (This was videod by Larry Haverstock: Address- 18526 35th Avenue, NE, Arlington, Washington-98223- phone 360-652-6009). We urge you to view this tape). First he just want us to reconcile without discussing the charges but finally we discussed. During the confrontation, immediately we accepted our mistake on not confronting him first before sending the letter to brethren. He accepted ownership of the properties such as two vehicles, one tricycle, 4 lots, existing house, a new very big house but not yet totally completed, etc. (Refer to listing and prices of these properties to Exhibit 1) His properties is not our problem, even he owns the whole world. It is how he acquired Example, on his 400-square meter lot located at Atulayan bearing TCT # 88337 dated January 6, 1993 (refer to document #2 Exhibit 11) he bought this at P50,000. Then his 904-square meter lot bearing TOT #95151 dated October 6, 1994 (refer to document 3 Exhibit 11) bought at P337,500. From January 6, 1993 to October 6, 1994, in a span of 1 year and ten months, Could a Gospel Preacher like Brother Rody Gumpad solely depending on support from US brethren can have this much? Further last year 1995, he bought a farmland at P80,000 and his second vehicle at P70,000. during the confrontation, he proudly declared that he received many, many extra help of $500-$1,000 monthly aside from his regular support and still asking financial help. He did not give this above information to us brethren to consider in making decisions about his needs. is THIS NOT DECEIVING? He also admitted the mistake of intentionally providing false or simulated documents (refer to Exhibit 9) to American Brethren to justify the amount of his properties. It is again an act of DECEIVING OUR AMERICAN BRETHREN.

After our confrontation, we prepared a joint affidavit of reconciliation but the following day he cross out his signature and the signature of his brother as witness. (refer to exhibit 15) Then he let his lawyer prepare another one and pressured us to sign but we did not, on the day of his party before leaving for the US, he invited us and some brethren but we did not attend because we doubt his sincerity, For those brethren who attended especially the preachers, Rody let them accomplised a Biodata Form stating the amount of support or additional support needed and cost of vehicle they need, He told them that, that is one of his major purposes going to the U.S.A. to locate support of these brethren here in Cagayan.

On his stay there in the U.S., he received negative reactions of our American Brethren about the charges to him and it is but just natural for him to paint his image to them, It is on this matter that we want to react.

"He told you Brother Ney in his letter, that his old house is rotten and trusses begin to collapse". We have never heard this kind of statement from him. The fact is, his old house is still in good condition with expensive marble tile. flooring in the living room and in the dining room, As of now, he is the only preacher here in Cagayn who has a house with marble tiles. On the trusses that is collapsing it is not true. He intentionally removed the ceiling and used as frame in building his new house, we experienced already strong typhoons in the past and. the latest was August 19, 1996. His house was not damaged American Brethren who had been here in the Philippines and stayed in his house of Brother Rody can vouch the good condition of his old house, on his new house, yes he borrowed some amount. Based on his letter (Exhibit 11 page 2) the following is the amount he borrowed. Bank loan is only P250,000 and from other sources totalled to P348,000. Total cost of his new house now is about P900,000 including labor. He spent his own money about P300,000, where did he get his money and where will he get the amount to pay his debt. He is solely depending support from US brethren. From the Lord's money! Oh what a wastes. THIS IS OUR GREAT CONCERN BRETHREN. The Lord's money must be used wisely for the the furtherance of the Gospel not for personal material gain.

Another reaction in that, "he used his land as collateral for emergencies." We never heard or know that he used his land as collateral in terms of emergencies." The truth is that, he is the one leasing farmland and every crop, the tenant will give certain cavans of rice to Brother Rody Gumpad and will return to Rody the whole amount that the tenant borrowed from him, As if the money Rody lends to tenants has interest. He used now his lot with TOT #95151 which he bought at P337,500 and lot TCT #38337 which he bought at P50,000 as a collateral on his bank loan. (refer to documents on exhibit 11). But in his justification on the cost of this lot TCT #95151 used as collateral was P59,800 only and no amount stated on lot TCT #88337. Do you believe that the bank will grant a loan of P250,000 and accept a collateral with a lesser value. That cannot be.

Brother Rieber, attached are documents and letters with corresponding explanations for your information. If you need more information we are willing to furnish some documents.

Beware to Brother Rody, he is not furnishing you the complete information. He can convince you on his captivating explanation and his very emotional plea.

Please understand brother Rieber, that we love Brother Rody Gumpad very much especially his soul. Let us help him save his soul. To cover him up makes his head bigger. He must realized his guilt and have true repentance. It is our sincere wish and prayer that unity, peace and good works may reign again among us.

Your concerned Brethren,

[Signed: Resie V. Graneta]
[Signed: Edgar A. Ugaddan]
[Signed: Neo L. Aglugub]
[Signed: Rey O. Ugale]
[Signed: Robert R. Gamiao]
[Signed: Freddie Aresta]
[Signed: Francisco Pagulayan]
[Signed: Felipe Cortolos]