Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: Salvador Cariaga is a preacher for the institutional brethren. A brother sent a copy of his letter to me. There are many interesting points made.]

I met a denominational organizer of Hallbrook & McDo here in Cebu. I have always heard that they gather a lot of denominational pastors here by the hundreds. They were also able to do it in Ilo Ilo City, Negros and Gen San. Well, I have the initial idea how they operate.

They hire this guy or other 'independent' (his term) church coordinators who will bring crowds of people and pastors over for a seminar or crusade, etc. I assume that he does the same for the "BIG NAME" televangelists who come from all over the world. That is how they bring masses of crowds for crusades and rallies and revivals. I think it is safe to assume that these are 'paid' audience.

The organizer was paid $2000 (he told me) to bus and feed and I assume arrange the site for the 200. Hallbrook, I assume does all the talking with a few Q&A. The organizer who gives a card with 'pastor' as his title claimed to have done four of this in Mactan. He said that Halbrook and his team baptized several pastors, which I am sure they would announce heavily to their 'audience'.

From a fellow 'organizer' I can appreciate some of their strategies. If I can get 200 real 'pastors' in one room for several days of seminar and baptized several dozen, I would say $2000 is worth it. US missionaries (NI or not) are supported more per month with little or no result. The problem with that is after baptism, these pastors disappear. I asked the organizer if there is a church in that place where he held four of such meetings, he said "no." I heard them having the same in Negros and Ilo-Ilo with nothing to show for after the baptizing. It would be safe to assume that these 'willing' converts are the same people who would rush to the stage for 'slaying' and 'healing' during pentecostal meetings. These same people then would disappear after the 'event' is over. That explains why no churches are established or viable congregation exist after Halbrook leaves, unless they are heavily subsidized (supported). The question I presented to Julom was: If you have baptized hundreds, where is your congregation, and if you have one, why can it not support you or other ministers. The fact is he has little to show for AFTER special events.

Another problem with this is: What kind of people do they attract? I have heard and seen exposed on TV and books the abuse and scam of the pentecostal professional. They make our COC schemes look like 'baby-steps'. Can these missionaries really dance with seasoned whores with out sleeping with them? I don't want to go there. I have met a few of their converts in the past and I remembered feeling a bit like being with vultures and wolves. I pride myself of knowing a few scams and schemes that others use, but I am not sure if I am strong enough to disciple and influence 200 of them in one room.

WOW! I just realized how bad this is.


Salvador Cariaga

I will send out more investigators when time permits. Perhaps, I can interview some of their organizers (with out paying of course). This is our busy month. We are shooting for 300 this month (no strings attached) and sending five missionaries to Ilo Ilo (ones I have trained personally).