Corruption in the Philippines

Dearest brother Jeff,

Hello!! and good day.

I'm a preacher of the gospel of Christ in the Philippines. I am very much happy you are sending me a copy of messages appear in my email add. I am a full time preacher and Evangelist having monthly sdchedule on the gospel meeting in the area of Mindanao Philippines. I am married with 4 childrens. In my age of 45 now desiring for more years to work for the Lord. I am working with 2 congregations and able to preach and teach God's word two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

When I opened up your reply I dont know when but I was directed to open it. I am really happy and bless of reading it. I pause a little bit and think of the things to do for myself today. Until I decided to do something to reply and send this request to you.

[Editor's Note: There are two problems in the above paragraph. First, the note arrived unsolicited. Despite the statement of my sending a reply, I have not been in communication with the gentleman since this is the first note I have received from him. Now that the Internet is becoming cheaper, these "junk-mail" requests for aid are becoming more frequent. The second distrubing line is the implication that the writer believes he is directly lead by the Spirit of God.]

What if I'm going to ask you for some information how you would like me to do in order for me to benefit more on your articles. I am a simple Filipino preacher. And very young in the Lord in a way of teaching of the gospel of Christ. I want to be use by God in a greater way in his Kingdom. I looked many times already where I could get information to assist me here in the work of the Lord but nothing. It seems everyone here goes to their own good and do not expect to help others as one in the body. I believe God's purpose for every Christian is to share to others what they have. It seems every one here are building their own Kingdom,as what the denominations ar doing. They were satisfied of something they receive but greedy of something they received from the Lord.

We are now behind iron curtain that denomination doesn't want to expose the real truth of the gospel (Gal.1:6-10). But through the Power of the gospel unto salvation empowers our heart to boldly preach it in season or out of season.

Things we lack here are brothers whom knows and feels that we are their young brothers who really needs teaching materials in order for us to advance the gospel of the Kingdom behind denomational issues. Conversion coming up stronger in our area. We could do much if someone extends their hearts to assist us in the work.

If you are willing to send your reply to me you are very much appreciated. Please help us to avail your bible study materials for us to be use in our gospel meeting schedules and in our home bible studies.Or maybe you can produce through package sending. I know it is very expensive to do that for you but for the sake of young brother in the Lord. We are in the third world financially deppressed. And we can frankly survived in the ministry if brother like you have great sympathy and mercy to help us.

[Editor's Note: This is better than most solicitations. He doesn't directly ask for funds, but he does ask for Bible study material.]

Please forgive me brother if you feel I'm too frank with you,we love in the Lord.Hope you are the person whom the Lord prepared to work hand in hand for the gospelhere,and please pray your assistance will open more doors in our country.

Before I end,would you tell me your ministry status and family? Please include my question in your reply Okay?

If you want to ask me also just feel free to do it.

Yours In Christ,
Samson Castillon
P.O. Box 46429
9500 General Santos City Philippines