Corruption in the Philippines


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! How are you today my brothers in Christ? I hope all is well the moment you read this letter of mine nowadays. If you ask of me about my satuation, I am fine and enjoy of the gospel meetings and in service of the church of Christ here in our area.

My brother brothers, I would like to tell you something about the subject of my letter why "dissappointing moment of my life"? Even I am enjoy and happy in the service of the church but sometimes I am also worried and hurt because you did not accomudated my request for support even a little financial assistance for our effort here in SocSarGen area. I understand also your satuation because each you are just one man and you are not missionary society who can support all the preachers who asked and requested to you for financial support. But I heard many times from preachers who said to me that you give them budget to redeem thier pawned motorcycles. And the others pawned home lot and you redeemed it. Even the big amount of brother Jolly Juloms lot and church's problem you give them budget to pay the whole amount and it was paid during the bible seminar of brother Ron Halbrook last April 2001. And there are some preacher's who are new convert in the church and you accomodate thier support like Jennery Julom and others who are are now supported by the brethren in US. I wonder why that when Jesse and other trusted preachers here asking your help you can immediately entertain their request, but when the preachers who are your favorate and are not called you dad, you did not intertain their request of support. The way you deal the preachers here in GenSan are not fair, you have a favoratism. I am not accussing you my brothers, as like brother Kenn marrs said to me, that I am like brother Wallace Little, always accussing you. I dont know why you are always accussing brother Little, in fact there were also corruption happening right now in the Philippines, particularly in General Santos City. Please, my brothers, be fair of your dailing with the preachers here in GenSan, get away Jesse in our way here in GenSan area. If you believe in local authonomy, pls. hear us. the church here are now divided weither you like it or not. Brother Maste has his own line up of work in Polomolok area. Jesse has in GenSan. and now brother Ruel Villaguardia has a move to separate his work apart GenSan and started his line up of ministry in Malungon area. That's not the way you preach here, you preach about local authonomy but your application is like denomination you have a supervisors, like Jesse, Maste, and now I discern that you have a move to turn Jesse's responsibility to brother Nathaniel Besinga and brother brother Saquilan. Brother's pls. communicate all the preacher's here in our area, In that way you cam heal the wounded hearts of all the preacher's here in GenSan area. Even you sacrifice not to communicate me and erase my name from your list of preacher's I dont mind. The most important things I told you what I observed since from conversion in the real docrine of Christ until now.

During the bible seminar of brother Ron Habrook here in GenSan, I was there to expect spiritual blessings from the word of God, but my expectation was not meet because the message of brother Ron, as I heard is one sided. And those who have done wrong, in his preaching he was justified, and, those who exposed the "boar gang issue" are bad preachers and gossippers, accussers, slanderer and etc. That's the reason why I did not attend the bible seminar of brother Jim,last May 18-19, 2001 because I know that you are preparing also the same message by attacking those preacher's who exposed of doing bad of those few preacher's who are involved of those immoral acts against the church in general. To tell you frankly, most of the preacher's who attended the bible seminar of brother Ron Halbrook last April 2001 was greatly disappointed because, you know, they are expecting to have a distribution of benevolence during the seminar but sad to say there was no distribution of benevolence. You cannot blame the preacher's if they will ask benevolence during the seminar because Jesse Julom told us many times that brother Ron Halbrook will be distributing benevolence after the seminar. You can determine now who Jesse really is, he is not only corrupt and immoral but also a liar. Brother Ruel Villaguardia was very angry after the seminar because many preacher's with him attended that seminar who have no more money to travel to return in their respective places. I heard now that brother Ruel will separate the group of preacher's here in GenSan and establish his own group in Malungon, Sarangani, Province. It is a very sad to hear that bad news, that there were another division of the church due to the misunderstanding created by just only one man here in GenSan area. My brothers, I now understand your situation, you cannot allow Jesse Julom to be destroyed, because if Jesse will be destroyed your ministry of preaching here in GenSan will be greatly affected also.

For almost three years I were with you and your group, and I always hear from your preaching that we are the only true church established by Jesus Christ and claiming that we are the only church who hold the real teaching of Christ. The other churches of Christ are wrong such as, one cupper,liberalism and other groups of the churches of Christ who do not follow the scriptural pattern commamded by Christ in the new testament. But I think we are more than wrong than what we preached we are right, because to be in the real church of Christ is not by what we say, but by what we say and do. What is right now, he who say this, he is holy during Lord's Day (sunday) and he is evil during Monday up to Saturday. In my own judgment he is still church of the devil, because to be a member of the church of Christ is to live daily a holy life in word and in deed.

May be, you may say my brother Jim, I am so judgmental person but please forgive me of my judgment to brother Jesse Julom because what he did is not good and corrupt the rights of the other preacher's to be heard also. There were preacher's who reported to you bad reports against Jesse but they were hiding behind blocks. But as for me, I want to say this in public of what I fell because open rebuke is better than secret love.

I talked with so many preacher's and they said to me they are still waiting on your action about their requested support. Please accommodate them, I heard from these preacher's that if you will not entertain their appeal to you for support they will join the ministry of brother Little Wallace or in the "one cupper church of Christ. Brother Jim, I sacrifice myself that we will not be together sometime in fareness to please others. But pls. accommodate the request of brother Elmer Panes for support and other preachers who are now really suffered a lot (in the mountain) in their respective assignments given by God.

It doesn't really matter if you are not going to respond my message.And if you ,I will appreciate it. It is hard for me to understand things like this but what I know is to serve the Lord in a faithful way. To tell you frankly, it is better to remain faithful in the real doctrine of Christ than to suffer. PLease pray for me and 'am pray for you also for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.I'm not going to say I have to close our relationship because of this problems.I'm just telling you the truth and what was happening here in the Philippines.Just like what happen to Brother Luth,painful and sacrifices we had here because we are the one who manifested his bad works including Jessy Julom and their previous bad works.We are the one who made sacrifices because they issued us accussers,slanderers and most of all gossippers that instead this is for them and not for us.What will happen to our situation now?Are we the one whom you listen?Can we expect love and mercy from you Brothers?Can you extend much concern to us whom we treated you as our spiritual elders.It's up to you if you treated us the same as your brothers.Finally,I am very much thankful for caring,loving us in the past.We can never forget the goodness you gave to us in the previous days.We owe this a lot brothers.GOD BLESSES YOU ALL AND PRAY FOR YOU ALWAYS!



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