Corruption in the Philippines

My dear brothers,

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

How are you today my dear brothers? I hope you are all fine by the grace of God nowadays.

I send this email today just to ask apology because of what I have done wrong to you in the past. I have committed a big sin against you both by saying in my accussive email that brother Jim Mcdonald is a favoratism and brother Ron Halbrook is one sided. Sinced that time when I sent that distructive email thru the internet I realised that I am wrong and now through the internet also I am asking apology to you both of what I have done wrong to you both. Please my brothers forgive me of what I have attempted to do to destroy your good record in the ministry of the church throughout the world. I am also asking apology to brother Jeff Hamilton because I sent him also the copy purnised of that email to him. I'm so very sorry my brothers and I hope that you will accept my apology and recognise me again as a brother in the Lord Jesus Christ.

At this time although I am fully supported by brother Terry Campbell but I am not happy because my concience always bothered me that I am following a false teacher. The latest essue that we are now studying is about one baptism but I can't accept his understanding of baptism is by pouring . In the beginning I tried my best I can to convinced him that baptism is by emersion but because of fear that he will cutt off my monthly money support I stopped debate him and follow what he said. But now eventhough he will cutoff my monthly money support I will try my best to refute his teachings and I will forward to you both the development of our communication. Please pray that through my effort to share God's word the Lord will bring him back to the original church that Jesus Christ built. My brothers, pls. donot interupt our communication because you know I love Terry Campbell in the Lord because in time of my discouragemaent in the past he was the one who nurtured us from the word of God and gave his full support for our family. I know that you understand what I mean my brothers. I want him to be converted again to the real doctrine of Christ. I know the heart of brother Terry Campbell he is humble in the sight of the Lord but sometimes he has a research beyond the Scriptures. Please pray also for brother Samson Castillon because I called him and shared my plan he is really strong to the belief of the manual of brother Terry. You know if Samson will continue the communication with brother Terry there is a possibility that the plan of brother Terry to come to the Philippines will be pushthrough. Wethier we like it or not if Terry will come to the Philippines many will be influenced by his doctrine and because he is very finacially able many will join his group. To tell you frankly my brothers every week there are preachers come to my house and tell me that they are willing to join the church of Jesus in the Philippines but what I told them they will meet Terry Campbell when he arrive here in the Philippines. [Editor's Note: Implication is that these preachers would join the church if there was financial support, since none was offered they will talk to someone who does have funding to give out.]

If brother Terry will not agree with my condition to go back to the original doctrine of Christ and the church that Jesus built I will not communicate him anymore.

I am also thankfull to brother Nathaniel Besinga, Elmer Panes and Larry Gabatan who always visited my house and convinced me to return to the original doctrine of Christ and to ask apology to you all. Thank you all my brothers in Jesus Christ I know that dispite of what I have done to you you still praying for me. And this the result of the prayer of the rightious. To God be the glory.

Till my next email. May God bless you all in Jesus Christ name.

Regards the brethren there.

Prodigal son,
Pascual Cempron