Corruption in the Philippines

Sept. 18, 1996

Jim McDonald
Ron Halbrook
Church of Christ
United State of America

Dear brother Mcdonald & Halbrook,

Your comments concerning brother Rody Gumpad, seems that you reacted unfairly. May I suggest to please kindly watch again the video tape, then draw your final conclusion justly and intelligently. Another suggestion is that: do not draw your conclusion for them to those who will inquire you about Rodys trouble. But instead, encouraged them to order and watch the video tape of the July 6, 1996 confrontation. Because by viewing the tape, there you will learn and know the truth, the fact that can never be denied, The kind of spirit and heart does brother Rody Gumpad has... You can also realized on that tape the racket of brother Rody Gumpad. He admitted that he received many many supports, extra gifts and one time helps. However, if ever he has a problem, he is in need and seek assistance from U.S. brethren.

It is true that brother Rody Gumpad has returned few checks to the U.S. brethren saying that "the need has already been met." But often, those checks were returned to Rody with instructions for him to use the money any way he saw fit. That is not a guaranty of his honesty. But that is one of his style to gain more and their interest. You know, it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to return it back the check to Rody if he will not give them some CONDITIONS. How I know this? Because Rody Gumpad have said to me about it.

In. your joint--letter(Sept. 1, 1996) paragraph 1 & 2 regarding Rody Gumpad, you have stated that "Since no doctrinal issues are involved..." "their main charged was materialism. . ." In my interpretation, you are both denying that Materialism (Treasures on Earth) is not found in the bible. Do you really know your bible on this issue??? Brother McDonald & Halbrook, please open your mind and heart on this matter! Or do I conclude that you have both writen that just to guild with Rody Gumpad? With that statement of yours, you protected [Editor's Note: Copy here is unreadable.]


"Something that is taught: Dogma, Tenet.."(Merriam Webster Dict.) "In the NT the act teaching (a) I Tim, 4:13,16; 5:17; II Tim 3:10; (b) what is taught Mt.15:9; II Tim 4:3. In some passages the meaning is ambiguous as between (a) and (b) and in Mt.7:25;Mk.1:22; Acts 13:12, the manner(a way of acting or proceeding..i.,e.), rather than the act or matter of teaching is denoted, namely, with authority and power." (International Standard Ency.. page 867).

I DIS-AGREE with you brother McDonald and Halbrook in stating that Materialism (Treasures on Earth) is no doctrinal ... I AGREE with Jesus, my Lord and to apostle Matthew who wrote about what Jesus have said that "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures(materialism) on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures(spiritual) in heaven, where neither moth nor dust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matt. 6:19-21; Matt. 19:21. I believed and always affirm that Matt. 6:19-21 and Matt.19:21 are also part of the doctrine and wholesome words of our Lord Jesus Christ that will not be blasphemed I Tim. 6:1-6.


Rody Gumpad wrote to brother Kenneth Marrs (July 13, 1996) that he was pressured to sign the July 6, 1996 affidavit, lie deceived brother Ken Marrs with that statement again. No one pressured him and his brother Ronnie Gumpad in affixing their signatures on the July 6, 1996. The TRUTH is, Rody was the one who CORRECTED most of the things that were stated on the July 6, 1996 affidavit. However, the following day after the said confrontation, Satan enter again in Rodys heart. By enforcing us to sign an affidavit that was prepared may be by his legal counsel. Can you imagine how crazy and stupid such activity? In lieu with that I conclude that Rody Gumpad has no word of honor,

Now, brother Rody Gumpad signed it again in your presence the original letter of reconciliation that he erased his name and his brother Ronnie Gumpad. Do you believed that he was SINCERE in signing it again??? Or you have just pressured him to sign???

In signing again the original letter of the July 6, 1996 confrontation is not a GUARANTY that he is SINCERE of what was transpired last July 6. I should appreciated Rody Gumpad if he sign it again the affidavit without your presence. However, we appreciated your great concerns on us and the work here in the Philippines. I consider the affidavit that Rody Gumpad signed it again as his mark and proved once more his real personality.


Also, you have said that "our statement is an effort to provide accurate and needed information to answer the sincere questions of U.S. brethren..." Brother McDonald & Halbrook, to tell you frankly, we are doubt if you can provide an accurate information concerning Rody Gumpad by meeting him just a few days or weeks. Meeting Rody with that short period of days doesn't mean that you have learned deep about Rody's culture and personality. Especially, Rody Gumpad is a best actor. He can easily win people by his emotional approach. We know brother Rody Gumpad very well from foot to head for the fact that we are living near him, He gain folk by his facial expressions. That is the STYLE of the PENTECOSTAL GROUP that he came from. So, my suggestion is, so that you can provide an accurate information concerning Rody Gumpad, Please, come, live and stay here in Cagayan or in the Philippines for two to ten years like those Americans who are preaching most of their time here in our native land.


You further stated that "it was their(9 signatories.i.,e.) impression that he received more U.S. support than he needed and was laying treasures, on earth. ." Again, brother McDonald & Halbrook, please open your EYES and don't hide the real situation of Rody Gumpad. The 11 counts of undeniable properties and lifestyles that Rody Gumpad have acquired for about 3 to 5 years span are facts that cannot be questioned. Not just a mere IMPRESSION or opinion. The fact is, not even a Governor can acquire such extra-ordinary properties for a short period of time (3 to 5 years) not unless he was CORRUPT! Our image now here is so embarrassing. most people are saying that the reason why we are preaching and a member of the Church of Christ is because we want also to become a millionaire.

We hope and pray that as the days goes by, such bad image of materialism and greediness will soon be cured with our continued and sincere spreading the cause of Christ and as we all tarry in His footstool. Best regards to everybody!

With love in His humble service,

[Signed: Rey E. Corsino]
P.O. Box 032
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines