Corruption in the Philippines

October 4, 1996

Dear brother McPherson & Brethren,

This is in reply with your internet dated August 20, 1996 concerning Rody Gumpad of Tuguegarao, Cagayan, faithfulness,

First, I would like you brethren to recall Genesis 37:20-36. When the sons of Jacob sold Joseph, their brother to the Ishmaelites for twenty shekels of silver. And the Ishmaelites took Joseph to Egypt. Then after that, they brought Josephs tunic to his father Jacob and they said to him: "We have found this. Do you know whether it is your sons tunic or not?" Jacob answers, "It is my sons tunic. A wild beast devoured him, Without doubt Joseph is torn to pieces." Jacob was easily deceived by the tunic of Joseph and as a proof that his son is already dead. But the truth is not, Joseph is alive. Jacob failed to investigate the truth of the matter.

Now in parallel with your internet concerning Rody Gumpad, you have reported that "My wife saw pictures of the house and also saw pictures of Rodys wife Tessie bathing her children from a metal bucket." We believed that Rody Gumpad deceived you with pictures; as similar with josephs tunic. I believed that the pictures are old, taken maybe from 1988-1990, or perhaps Rody purposely let Tessie bathing her children from a metal bucket to DECEIVED YOU and SOME U.S. BRETHREN. Rody appeared to be VERY POOR, but the TRUTH is, Rody is a MILLIONAIRE!

The old house that Rody have erected nine years ago is not rottening but it was fully furnished and with a marble tiles and have a good bath tab for his children. The said house have been fully furnished few months after his son was diagnosed with a cancer. Sad to say that Rody have now started demolishing it just to remedy and cover-up the issue. But we have credible U.S. brethren who came over and stayed in Rodys house that can testify for our behalf. They know the truth, especially the good quality of Rodys house. You may confirm this to: Kenneth Marrs, Kenny Marrs, Jerall Kay, Jim Puterbaugh & Wallace Little. We know that they will not DENY and will not HIDE the real quality of Rodys house, for we believed that they are the only American brethren who came over here in Cagayan province who are so HONEST and especially they are GOD FEARING MEN(Acts 10:1,2). Now, Rody is erecting another bigger house. He cannot deny that he acquired all those properties while his son is undertaking medication.

We pity you brother McPherson for you are one of those American victim of Rody's deceitfulness. You were easily deceived by pictures and Rodys flowery words. Please think again how Jacob was deceived thru Joseph tunic. Brother Tim, we know that you are honest, but you are only a victim of Rodys whitewashing. Please always remember Exodus 23: 1, 2 "You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with wicked to be an unrighteous witness. You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many pervert justice."

Also you stated that "One elder has kept Rody in his home and has found him totally faithful and trustworthy. Nothing could be further from the truth than the slanderous warning that was sent." I highly respect that elder who have kept Rody Gumpad. However, I am CURIOUS if that said elder really know his Bible rules. Why, does the bible approved to hear the accused without the presence or knowing/hearing the side of the accusers??? GIVE US the Book, Chapter and Verse on this issue! Please consider Deut.1:16,17. "Listen to the arguments between your people. Be fair when you judge each case. It does not matter if the problem is between two Israelite or between an Israelite and a foreigner. You must judge each case fairly. When you judge, you must not think that one person. You must judge every person the same. Dont be afraid of anyone, because your decision is from God."

You further have said that "Rody has planted over 50 congregations •in the Philippines." We CHALLENGE you brother Tim to please ENUMERATE all the name of the congregation and all the name of the preachers each of those 50 congregations that Rody Gumpad have planted. If you and Rody Gumpad cannot provide them in detailed, then YOU and Rody are GUILTY of being a SLANDERE Why, does establishing some congregations is a guaranty of Rodys faithfulness and honesty? Does the temple that king Salomon erected will justify him as a righteous king even though he was an adulterer? If you say not! Why not???

Brother McPherson, did Rody Gumpad encouraged you to watch the video tape of the July 6, 1996 Confrontation? Probably not and not even told you about it because he does not want you to lean the real truth. The tape of the July 6, 1996 confrontation is final and irrevocable. So may we highly reccomend to please watch it. Order from: Larry Haverstock: 18526 35th Avenue, NE; Arlington, WA 98223; Phone 360-652-6009 the tape is $10.00 each including handling and postage. Then finally react justly and sagely. And while you have still the time and opportunity, withdraw your August 20, 1996 internet before God will judge you and your family.

We pray that this will help you understand the character of Rody Gumpad. We hope that we will continue to seek His righteousness and live soon in Heaven, the place where no biased men live forever!

Yours in His humble service,

Rey E. Corsino
P.O. Box 032
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines