Corruption in the Philippines

November 18, 1996

Dear brother Ron Halbrook,

We received your letters few days ago trying to defend Rody's deceitfulness. You wrote that "Perhaps you will conclude I have a slow mind and understanding....." You were the one who have said that and we really believed you got the strong point.

Rody's preaching the gospel and converting people is not a guaranty that he is not a deceiver. Take note and consider the scribes and Pharisees who are fluently teaching the law of Moses but not do what they say(Matt. 23:1-3).

Brother Ron & Brethren, please kindly discern and think these things intelligently concerning Rody C. Gumpad.

I - If Rody is corrupt his activity and works will prove.
II - We affirmed he is guilty of MATERIALISM and setting a BAD EXAMPLE and getting money through DECEIT. After Rody taken documents of his properties to prove not guilty of materialism and deceit.


1). The true nature of the documents are false documents. Please compare some proofs:

Lot-904 sq. meters P337,500.00 P59,000.00
Farmland P80,000.00 P25,000.00
Tamaraw Jeep P160,000.00 P13,000.00

2). Rody Gumpad used documents to prove we lied and he was truthful and not materialistic!


Rodys works prove in using these documents:

1). He was materialistic.
2). He was a deceiver.
3). He has not repented of the false documents.
4). He continue to say we are liars and he is innocent. (Rody's general report dated Sept. 23, 1996).
5). He continue to deceive U.S. brethren with his letters to them (Sept.25, 1996). Saying that their "roofs that temporarily returned will be blown again." Rody's house roofs NEVER BLOWN in the first place. He also continue to report a work that he is not the local preacher.


Rody C. Gumpad is more than QUALIFIED to be DISFELLOWSHIP as Paul wrote in I Cor.5:10--13; I Tim. 1:20; Titus 3:10. Because Rody C. Gumpad is like the great Dragon who deceives Gods people (Revelation 12:9). Please pray for us all and God bless!

With love in His humble service,

[Signed: Rey E. Corsino]