Corruption in the Philippines

John P. Daguyam
P.O. Box 051
Tuguegarao, Cagayan

January 28,1997

Glenn & Phoebe Hamilton
P.O. Box 705
Baguio City 2600

Dear Brother Glenn,

Greetings in Jesus wonderful Name! Hope this letter reach you all again happy in His Kingdom.

Hope you received my first letter! I took this opportunity to come with you through a letter! I got a copy of your INTERNET REPORT about brother Rody Gumpad and I appreciated what you did because I know that report will help some AMERICAN BRETHREN to open their blacked mind because of some DECEIVER PREACHER here in the valley or in the Philippines as well, that they did deceived because of their own interest in MATERIAL things! But we know & they do also, that DECEIVED is CONDEMNED by God but they did, that why we'll help one another to go against with that evil works of some PREACHER here for the good of the Lord's Work here in the Philippines.

Bro. Rody made a counter letter about your report he USED many innocent Preacher here to put their sign into his affidavit statement to justify himselp for his unchristian work! I am very sad because the said assignatories did not even participated in that letter & they did not clearly understand what is in the letter because they didn't gave a copy for them perhaps some of the assignatories are retracted bec. They find out that they only used and deceived of the nonsense letter or affidavit statement of brother Rody. The reason why the assignatories convince to put their sign to the said document is to go against with your report that a PREACHER here in the Philippines are not necessary need a car! I read & understand your report which is not a general report perhaps it is only about bro. Rody & about the "car" I understand that you are only destructing the statement of Bro. Rody that "HE MUST HAVE A CAR IN ORDER TO WORK IN OTHER CONGREGATION" and it is not meanthat Preachers here in the Philippines didn't need a car, I am right? Hope so! As you are my elder brother & sister in faith I pray that you may have more understanding & Love to the Brethren who deceived to put their sign to the "counter letter" of brother Rody Gumpad to your report! That's all & May God Bless you all in all of your effort to spread the saving Gospel of Christ!

Your Younger Brother,
/s/ J. Daguyam
John P. Daguyam