Corruption in the Philippines

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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 18:26:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Edification or Clergy?
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Mr. Peters,

We have the following for you to consider.

Is it wrong for brethren to spend their money in the way they desire? Are the material blessings of brethren under their control? Do you have the right (or anyone else) to tell a brother where and how he should spend his money?

Is it wrong for a church to give money to a preacher? Is it wrong for a church to support a preacher to travel? Is it wrong for a church to give a preacher money for food? If you answer yes, then I suggest you get out and get a job and tell others who are supported as preachers to do the same thing.

Do preachers have the right to spend their support in the way they desire? Must all preachers live in apartments or trailer homes here in the US? Should all preachers drive cars that are at least 10 years old? If a preacher uses poor judgment in finances, does that mean he is a sinner? Who is to judge the preacher in his finances?

I can tell you for a fact, and also produce other witnesses, that when Jim McDonald preaches in the Philippines and there are denominational preachers who want to be baptized, they are explicitly told that there is no promise of any money--the only promises that are made are: 1. If you believe and are baptized, you will receive the remission of your sins; 2. If you remain
faithful, you will receive a crown of life. To say anything otherwise is slander and evil surmising.

Steven F. Deaton