Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Mr. Wallace Little,

This is Gregorio (Greg) De Los Reyes) of Sampaguita, Solana, Cagayan, Philippines. I earnestly asked Brother Rody Gumpad, who also permitted me to use his computer to make and send this letter to you .I pray that you will honestly answer it. I don't know you, NEVER meet you, and I am not sure if you are a brother in Christ because of the unchristian you are doing. My Bible says in Rev.21:8;"...liars,..have their part in the lake which burneth with fire...".

Mr Little, you widely circulated the materials of Glenn Hamilton about me, meaning, YOU are a partaker of his evil deeds. So, when Glenn Lied, YOU LIED with him. If Not, Why Not, Ha? The Following are your LIES!

1) YOU and Glenn Reported that I already ceased to preach for the Church at Sampaguita, Solana. WHAT IS YOUR PROOF? Why are you lying? For your information, I am still preaching at sampaguita Church. Infact, the members
of the sampaguita Church were executed a joint notorized affidavit proving the fact that I am still their preacher(Ask a copy of this affidavit from Bro.Jim McDonald if you are interested). Further Proof? Okay, Several American Preachers had preached with me here in our Congregation and if you want to confirm just contact them. They are; Jim McDonald, Earl Mitchell, Ron halbrook, Keith Malone, David Maxson, E.N.Lovell, Johnie Edwards, Mike Hudges, Randy Duvall and Michael Lusk.

2) YOU and Glenn Reported that I took a secular job as a Private Chauffer for Bro. Rody Gumpad. Mr Little, DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF? Please provide a proof. IF NO Proof, YOU ARE A LIAR. For your information, Mr. Little, I never experience yet to drive the Car of Brother Rody.

3) YOU and Glen reported that I am receiving over $1,000.00 in support from U.S.brethren. Mr. Little, DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF? Please give a Proof, if not, I can conclude that YOU and GLENN are receiving such money INTENDED
for me BUT you are NOT giving it to me. Oh, Mr. Little, How CROOK you are! Now, to erase this in my mind, I strongly urge you to provide a proof that I am receiving such amount as you reported. Okay, for your information, here is my support and the sources; $50.from Harold Ice, $50.from West Side Church, Salem,In., and $50.from Bro. Lonnie Corley.

4) YOU and GLENN Reported that I made a death threat against Glenn Hamilton. Mr. Little, DO YOU HAVE ANY EVIDENCE? What is your Proof? If you cannot provide me a Proof sooner of what you said, I will be forced to make a conclusion that YOU, Mr WALLACE LITTLE DID Such threat. Right? For your information, Mr.Little, based on the Police Blotter, a certain "Ka Diestro" of the NPA_Rebels did sent that demand letter to Glenn. On my part, Mr Little, Since I gave my life to Jesus, all the former things had become new (2 Cor.5;17). Are you not like that, Mr.Little?

5)I have a copy of your April-May 2000 report to your supporters and you said that; "Not counting lectureship attendees, 122 young preachers-students plus more than 80 older preachers (Total: Over 200)...". Mr Little, WHERE & WHEN was your Lectureship this year 2000 that were attended by 122 Young Preachers plus more than 80 older Preachers? Did you LIED in your said Report? If NO, then please SUPPLY us the respective names & addresses of those 122 young preachers and those more than 80 older preachers. If you cannot do that, it is VERY CLEAR, Mr Little, that you are LYING and DECEIVING your Supporters and most of all, our Almighty God.

I am busy of my Preaching works and I will close for now. Please reply me as soon as possible through this computer of brother Rody. I will surely get it and appreciate if you will honestly answer my questions above.

FOR The Truth Sake,

Gregorio (Greg) De Los Reyes