Corruption in the Philippines
January 3, 2010

Dear brethren:

We have seen that the problem created division in the Lord’s work herein Northeastern of Luzon is the sponsoring church arrangement. We pray and hope you can do something that the work be patterned as it was in the first century by carefully studying about two discouraging situations: The traveling evangelist or messenger from US and the trusted preacher in the Philippines. These were the reasons why there were unsolved problem that plague the Northeastern of Luzon, Philippines in the Lord’s work. Employment of trusted preacher by the recommendation of the traveling US evangelist/s that trusted preachers role are the one to assist the traveling evangelist in the Lord’s work in a certain region or provinces. The trusted preacher will only assist the traveling evangelist where should he sleep and to where should he preach. We had been observing since 2001 that the Metro Tuguegarao COC, Cagayan will announce the prearranged schedule to the local churches and the preachers who will be hosting the visitors. We had been suggesting that brother Rody Gumpad should not prearranged the schedule of traveling evangelist but those local churches arrange their proposed schedule to be assisted by him to avoid conflict of schedules.

Benevolence in the Northeastern of Luzon in the past years was distributed by brother Rody Gumpad and there was no messenger from US to assist him distribute of benevolence to the needy or typhoon victims. The work of the messenger is to distribute the benevolence and to be assisted by his trusted preacher. Some times happened preachers representing different local congregations pooled at Metro Tuguegarao COC went home with the benevolence to deliver to the other local churches in their respective area. This is an indirect method in congregational cooperation versus the scriptural direct method. A messenger of the benevolence should not accept if he cannot accomplish nor do the job. On January 7, 2009 I received a copy of the 208 cavans of rice distributed to the 110 churches in the region by brother Rody Gumpad was sent to me by brother Ricky Ramirez at Tumauini, Isabela and according to brother Ricky there was no messenger from US evangelist. We never heard a trusted evangelist acknowledge his sins in public who are involved of distributing benevolence of indirect method in congregational cooperation.

It is our conviction that the local churches by 2010 can fulfill the responsibilities in benevolence and evangelism in the Northeastern of Luzon with out the sponsoring church arrangements. Honesty is the need, not to centralize the oversight. We are appealing if there is an evangelist from US who could preach what is the sponsoring church arrangement he can help many preachers here to see that we are different from the denominational world around us. God bless us all.

In Christian love,
Albert Dosngayon