Corruption in the Philippines

Ward E. Ellsworth
13110 244th Ave SE
Issaquah, WA 98627
(206) 392-3640

July 23, 1996

Dear Rody,

It is with a heavy heart and great disappointment that I must ask you not to come at this time. I must apologize for this last-minute message, but having viewed the tape of the meeting in Tuguegarao, and having discussed the situation with Larry Haverstock (who arrived back in the US only today), I believe that it is in your best interest, in the best interest of the church in your area, and in the best interest of the relationship between Christians in the Philippines and the churches of our area, that you not come at this time.

I do not plan to meet you at the airport, house, feed, or transport you as previously planned at this time. I cannot at this time, give you the support and endorsement that would be understood and implied by such hospitality.

I must now call and cancel the meetings that I have scheduled. It is my intent to explain only that charges and counter-charges have been made, and that until these are proven or disproven, and peace and unity have been restored to the churches there, you cannot come to preach and to visit here.

Please be assured that we have, for several years, heard of and been thankful for your great abilities and devoted works for Christ. It is our sincere wish and earnest prayer that repentance may be effected as necessary on all sides, and forgiveness heartily given; that peace, unity, and good works may reign once again.

Please understand that we love you and the other brethren over there, and that we hope to hear from you all and be able to meet and offer our hospitality at a more appropriate time.

Again, I apologize for the last-minute communication and for any inconvenience and expense that it may have caused. Please feel free to call or write if you wish to discuss the situation further.

In Christ,

[Signed: Ward E. Ellsworth]