Corruption in the Philippines

Wilbert & Maria Nenita Enostacion
Post Office Box 9
San Fernando, La Union
Republic of Philippines 2500

24 August 1996

Jim McDonald
P.O. Box 155032
Lufkin, Tx 75915-5032 USA

Dear brother Jim:

[Editor's Note: The full text of the orginal letter was not supplied.]

Roger's marital status: he once married in early 70s while we were at PBC. When he notice that his married to the woman was not good (the woman has an affair with another man, while Roger was away), Roger left the woman. He took his three kids to his mother in San Jose, Nueva Ecija. The woman then was living with another man. In 1990 when we go to San Jose to distribute relief goods to needy brethren after the earthquake, we were informed that his former wife was dead already. She died sometime in the late 80s due to cancer of the cervix. Roger has long been a widower, living alone, until not long ago brother Andrew Gawe and myself solemnized him and Maria where they have two small children now. To conclude, Roger's marital status is clean; I know Roger has so many "secret" enemies and they are trying to sow discord trying to find a hole to put Roger down. To this we could attest by virtue of good conscience in accordance with law, Roger is honest in telling his marital status. I hope this statement will help him clear up some doubts on his personality.

[Editor's note: This testimony conflicts with Jim McDonald's earlier letter stating that Roger was the adulterer and the marriage certificate which states Roger's wife died in 1974. Please be aware that no evidence exists of her actual death.]