Corruption in the Philippines

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Subject: Re: Fw: Report on the GenSan trip March 24-28, 2003
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 01:16:04 -0700 (PDT)

Dear brethren in the Lord:

Below are our reports on the present events that turned out on the people of God in Southern Mindanao. We are doing these action to WARN the US brethren on such anomalies as it was proven, though we cannot do it on the highest verdict, but what we have gathered is more than enough to convey on the error that we do not tolerate, condone nor compromise with those doing it. We risked our lives in going there, but we were happy that our pupose were accomplished to the end. To summrized it all: (1) Reports on the so-called evacuees between Davao-Cotabato area, Davao-Bukidnon, Bukidnon-Cotabato; that there were more than 5,000 to 6,000 members of the church, is UNBELIEVABLE! Lordy and I can challenge anybody, that in the whole areas, evacuees and not, members of the Lord's church cannot be nunbered or will not reach to that more than 6,000 members. But JULIE NOTARTE has been sending reports on these numbers. Julie claims that we works with more than 30 local congregations in those mountainous areas. Apparently, we could not go down beyond the area were we where, because there was an on-going exchanged of gunshots between the military and the Muslem rebels, MILF. But we went to at least three evacuation areas, and we saw few who were members of the church; how faithful they were, we don't know. In one area where there were only more that 60 evacuees, members of the church who were in there, were approximately 20 people only, as the brother, whom Jullie claimed working, said. (2) There was a SUMPRIMACY among preachers in Davao: Juanito P. Balbin, Jerry Caa and Emilio Lumapay. Then they asked the Americans to repay them on their expenses done on a certain meeting. Brother Earl Mitchell, was a victim of that. (3) Connivancy. Jerry Caa of Davao, being an old preacher, matured at that, should have fully given his adviced to TOTO SAMSON who recieved funds for purchased of Bibles in vernaculars (more or less than $1,500 dollars). Instead advicing brother Samson, Jerry connived to head the purchased on it in another place; instead of buying the Bibles in General Santos City, they bought it in Davao City, and the purcahsed reciepts were tampered to appear that all funds were used to buy the Bibles. However, some faithful men, spoke plainly on it. The deception was blatantly done. (4) Some preachers were engaged in womanizing. Jim McDonald was the first to be informed on such evil action. Jim felt discouraged on those people whom he fully trusted, and even adopted them as "sons". (5) There was an abused of trust among the appeal of PERSONAL BENEVOLENCE sent to the US brethren.

Benevolence was, in fact, used to "convert" tribal men, that why there were multitudes of baptisms. In 2002, last year, several preachers (claiming to be!) were able to immersed a number of tribal men to the tune of 782 that whole year! At one time, one brother reported that he baptized 150 people that month! To me, it was very surprising to note, that in my whole 35 years of preaching fulltime, the highest number of baptism that I was able to performed was only 15 but thrice of the same number in one month! But before that, we have spent more than 1 year going-back and forth preaching to them the Gospel. There are so many things yet to be done for the people of God, but we have to warn all that: gross appeal of Benevolence, let's see, more than $2,000 dolars given to one person only, should be discourage. I would like to recommend, that if there are gross number of benevolence to be given in a certain area, brother LORDY SALUNGA can handle it without any problem. He is known to most US brethren, and is editing a quarterly paper here; it could be also publish on his paper: (a) the amount sent, (b) the recepient, (c) how much given, etc. I close for now, may the Lord blesses us with all spiritual blessings! Thanks and God bless... His love abides!

Yours in the Lord,

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