Corruption in the Philippines

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Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 3:38 AM
Subject: April Report: Evangelism in the Philippines (2003)

To My Dear beloved brethren: Greetings!

As usual, my monthly report comes, either earlier or late; but I make it sure that I sent my reports concerning my Gospel work per month.

Nena and I had just arrived from a trip to Bicos, Rizal, Nueva Ecija for the last night vigil and burial of brother BERNARDO MANUEL, who met his untimely death on the road of Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija after attending the lectures of brother Ron Halbrook on the 17th instant. He died thru vehicular accident, he was old, age 85 or 87, I forget his natal day. On that trip we made last Monday at 2am, we have slept, I did on the bus, but not full. The trip going to Bicos from San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, was another problem to me. The pick-up of brother Jun Bautista was open, I was at the back together with some brethren. We arrived after 3 hours, we took lunch, and I spoke at 2 PM (The Reality of Death). While I was speaking, the hot of the place was bothering me. After that, I feel bad. I told Nena to buy a medicine. She did. I took 3 tabs of PARACETAMOL. But it did not subside the headache (pain) on my head, I was starting to chill. So Nena, decided to take to the doctor, but I insisted, no, instead, I told her, to tell Jun to take us back to San Jose City so that we can take a bus going to Baguio City, or Ilocos Region. Jun was rushing me to San Jose City, we arrived ahead of time, exactly 6PM. Then there was a passing bus for Pangasinan, and we took that bus. We arrived in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, at 10 PM. I was still chilling. Nena was to nervous; but I said, I still manage it. We take a bus for La Union, after 3 hours we were at the house. Shaila, my daughter (a Registered Nurse) made a sponse bath on me, and I took another set of BIOGESIC. And I took a rest. Tuesday at 9am, should be the burial of brother Manuel, instead me doing it, somebody did; I think, I was brother Lordy Salunga, because he will be arriving on Tuesday 6am from Angeles.

Yesterday, though I was not yet feeling good, but I have to visit the cybernet and do some emails. I did not make my report yesterday, because there was a power failure while I was about to make or write my report.

Also, our schedules of meeting with some of the preachers here was today (this morning: 10 to 11am), and I need to report that because it concern the visit of brother Jim McDonald here in La Union. Jim was too depressed and discouraged on the turned of events among those whom he have fully supplied assistance; 90% of them turned out to be corrupt and have totally abused the Lord's bounty. Brother Andy Alexander ( knows it first hand. He was there and was one one the many American victims! That's why on Jim's email to me recently after we sent out those reports we made in SOUTHERN MINDANAO, he expressed his feelings of lamentation; in that, he said: "I will never support any Filipino preachers!"

This should not be ther case, because that would be tantamount to a "blanket condemnation" among us. Those of us who were untainted with corruptions should be spared. In my own terms: "LET US NOT BURN THE HOUSE BECAUSE OF SOME RATS, LET US FIND THOSE RATS AND BURN THEM!" But a "blanket condemnation" will just kill total the Lord's work being done in the hands of good, faithful, honest, sound the faith men. Jim said, his coming today, will be his last. We pray that it would not! Jim is needed in my country, those men who turned evil due to money, is just but the fulfilment on what Paul said, "that the love of money is the root of all evils!" It has been written, and none could avoid that. Jim's good intent to let the Gospel flourish rapidly in my country was good; however, at the same manner again, Satan, had dropped the "bad seed of Tares" so that those workers of God will be deceived, and yes, it was another fulfilment of time!

My work here in La Union, particularly at the City of San Fernando, is going on smoothly. We meet for worship and services at the SEA & SKY HOTEL, located along the Nat'l Hi-way to Ilocos Region; and a good place for visiting tourist to stay. Jim used to stay in this hotel if he is here with us.

My appointments were located (mostly) in the remote areas of the city. Also in other towns; for example: my class at Brgy. Pudoc, Bauang, this is far away from any works done our brethren there. And it is more accessable to going in San Fernando City than to other areas. Going to SAn Fernando City is only one way fare; but going to any of these works done by our brethren here, it was take them twice ride, or if not, they have to walk for less than a kilometer. So they prefer to come or wanted to stay with us than go and attend those other areas.

I would like to outline my daily appointments:

(a) San Fernando City area:
(1) Upper Langcuas class at the house of brother Rogelio Ducusin. Those attending there were his daughter-in-laws and several neighbors (regular attendance 8).
(2) Upper Cadaklan class at the house of (not yet a member) Mr. Gregorio Duclayan. Attendance 5.
(3) Biday class at the house of sister Melba Ano (she is the Dean of Lorma College of Nursing), a product of my "Campus Evangelism" she was baptized in 1993. Attendance 5.
(4) San Fransisco class at the house of Mr. Rodolfo Cantoria, our attendance there is only 2.
(5) Seviila Center class at the house of brother Pepito Galvez, he and his family are the only attending, 3 of them.

(b) Bauang area:
(1) Pudoc class at the house of sister Liza Campos. Her husband three children are attending, 5.

(c) San Juan area:
(1) Naguituoban class at the house of sister Gloria Abaga; she and her husband attends. Attendance 2.
(2) Legleg class at the house of sister Edith Valmores, her husband, Satur is very interested; 6 months now that we have focus our study with him. Attendance 4.
(3) Upper Legleg class at the barangay hall every Saturday night.
(4) Aludaid class at the house of brother Reynaldo Delmeindo. Attendance 4.

NOTE: Two years ago, there was a small church existing in this Barangay, however, the sister Ester Banigued, a widow with 12 small children, with an oldest of 21 and a youngest of 7 years old, backslides to error. She is now worshipping with a Pentecostal group, whom she claimed were able to helped her in her time of needs! She has forgotten that from time to time Nena and I used to give her the city church own benevolence, in terms of rice, cash or medicines. At one time a half cavan of rice about 30 kilos, literally was carried by me on my shoulders walking over 2 kilometers to her house from the highway, because the creek was flooded and my old car that time could not crossed into (now my car was junk and burned out!). We pray that she will realized her mistakes before it will be too late; all of her baptized kids (4 of them) also went with her.

So the remnant (4 of them) of the Aludaid church, usually worship with us at Sea and Sky Hotel every Sunday. At the moment, we could not resumed our Sunday afternoon services at Brgy. Aludaid, due to fact that I don't have any vehicle for that remote work. Every time we go there, I have to set aside a budget for hiring a jeep or tricycle, because of the distance and from the hi-way, the inner road, is too rough, with pigion-holes and dusty. This is one reason why, having a car or old second vehicle is needed in my work around these areas.

(d) Bacnotan area:
(1) Bacsil class at the house of (not yet a member) Mr. Augusto Funtanilla, relative of the mayor there. Attendance 4 only.

(e) San Gabreil area:
(1) Right now, there is no members there yet. The four young men who were immersed there in year 2002, get married already and went away to other areas; two went to Canada as husband and wife team, while the other one went to work in Saudi Arabia and the other one went home to Lucena City, near Manila area.

Our classes still being conducted at the house of one of those young men's relative. So far, wer are still having a good study, but still no reaction of baptism done by them. I have touch Baptism as our lessons many times, but still no obedience to the Gospel. However, I am still doing our regular weekly study.

Brethren, all these appointments that I have were done either twice a week or weekly. Because most of the time, schedules in those areas were in the afternoon. And we usually finish our class in the evening! Now, without a car, it is really very difficult to accomplished much. Especially, that in my family, we have medical problems.


Shigred. I am glad that I was able to buy the needed medicines from the $300 dollars sent by brother Andy Alexander through the hands of brother Ron Halbrook. I really appreciated what brother Andy did for my appeal of immediate medical assistance. I hope, the health of my daughter would fully be recovered as soon as possible. Her ENLARGEMENT OF THE HEART, is our problem. Some medicine were too expensive, and I have no more budget to sustain it.

However, our prayers had been answered by the Lord, that brother Dave and sister Gail Clark ( has responded. Though their share was still on the way at the moment, but they sent me (according to brother Dave's email) the remaining $500 dollars from the church at Axton, VA. I thanked them on that, because they have relieved my thoughts on where to throw my appeals of assistance. With the bad news sent to our US brethren on the corruptions committed by my co-Filipino preachers, sending appeals on solicitations on this type, is very untimely. But the need is pressing me, and I have no other alternative, but pray. And I am very thankful that my appeal for assistance was fully understood by our brethren and brethern like: Andy, Kevin, Dave and maybe others, would come to my rescue.

As of now, I am relieved on the immediate medical needs, with the forthcoming $500 from the Axton church. Shigred was scheduled to see her doctor next, Lord willing. We hope that there is a great progress on the medicines that she has been taking in.

Next problem on this, is on the monthly medical budget, which, again I have to begged to anybody who could possibly supply my needs.

When brother Earl Mitchell was still here, we talked at the hotel with Andy and Kevin Maxey. Earl asked me if how much a monthly budget for her medicines; I said, it might be from $200 to 300 monthly, I still do not know really how much the monthly medical will cost. Because the doctor said that, she is still under observation, particularly on her HEART, which has an abnormal growth, and she could not breath when it will attack. So at the moment, any amount that can be used as her monthly budget, from $150 to $300, is highly appreciated.

Before closing, this month of May, if the Lord wills, we will spent two to three days in Sallapadan, Abra. Brother EUSEBIO CABANNAG, the faithful brother who works there, has invited me to speak on their meeting. Also, he informed me that for seveal months now, he lost his supports from the SHIVELY CHURCH, in Kentucky. So, he has to disposed some of his belongings as he has a wife and children. By the way, anyone who could avail to help this brother, I am endorsing him to anyone else. At one time in the past, brother Jim McDonald was able to lecture in this hinterland town of Abra. This is the place of my in-laws.

By the way, brother TABY AGPAD, of Gangal, Sallapadan, is almost dying, he lost his eye-sight due to a neglected Catarract, I used to assist him in whatever I can avail, even to this time. But due to old age, 97 years, he has all kinds of illness; Asthma, Kidney trouble, Ulcer, and Arhtritis. He also needs your wholehearted benevolent aid; this is the very first time that I ask benevolence for him; unfortunately, he is Nena's father, my father-in-law! Any amount that is affordable, is highly appreciated; if anyone could donate for his needs the amount of $100, or $300 to $500 is highly appreciated. But if I am to suggest, he needs $1,000 dollars, because he has some unpaid loans in the past months, that are maturing and before he may closed his eyes in the fangs of death, he needs to repay them. [Editor's Note: It is worth noting that in the Philippines debts are inherited. Since Taby Agpad is Nena's father, there is a strong possibility that Bert and Nena will inherit Taby's unpaid bills. Hence, the desire on their part to have them paid off.] Those credits were done when he was rushed to the hospital in Bangued, Abra several times last year. Of which we thought he would rest in peace; but still was alive until today. He could no longer walk alone; I bought him a wheelchair last May 2002. Brethren, if you could assist my father-in-law, please indicate at the check that it is for TABY AGPAD or for SHIGRED E. BARCELONA. So, that I will not be confuse on to whom the check will go. Mark it "Benevolence for Taby Agpad" and or "Benevolence for Shigred!"

Thank you brethren, may God blesses us all! Any amount sent would be properly acknowledge and reported. May God's hands guide us always... hope to hear from any of you brethren. To my friends and supporters, thanks for the fellowship we all in His saving Gospel. His love abides...

Yours in the precious Faith,
Bert & Nena Wilbert G. Enostacion
P.O. Box 09
San Fernando City
2500 La Union Philippines

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