Corruption in the Philippines

From: wilbert enostacion
To: Nathaniel Besinga ; Nehemias A. Hayuhay
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Enostacion's report/ BERT'S COMMENTS


It is of great dispear within myself upon knowing that our reports which was only intended for the faithful American brethren went into the wrong hands of Nehemias Hayuhay. I deny sending any copy of my reports to this man, in whom I have no fellowship, since I cut my fellowship to both Wallace H. Little and Jim Puterbaugh in early 90s.

I cut my fellowship to these brethren NOT BECAUSE MONEY as Mr. Hayuhay insisted in the past; but because of errors spoused by them concerning the "One Eternal Covenant" and MDR. Mr. Hayuhay extended his right hand of fellowship to these men, inspite of the issues that were divisive.

As Jesus said to the believing Jews in His sermon on the Mount, "don't give the precious things to the dogs!" So, why should I give our reports, which Lordy and I considered as very crucial matters?

In the past, many Filipino brethren hates me because of my stand on the truth. Regarding exposing of errors and wrong doing of brethren, I see to it that I have evidences or witnesses concerning such anomalies.

In early 90s, when I exposed a hoax baby Tornado in Ilocos Norte, which was reported by a brother to have damaged many faithful brethren and have caused death to some working animals; the US congregation sent to me the letter of that brother, and another letter of endorsement from another US brother for me to confirm the said reports. What i did, i went to the city disaster coordinating agency of Laoag City, to the Phil. Information Agency (PIA), to the Office of Media Affairs of Ilocos, but no Baby Tornado that they know of! I have the signed certificates of those local disaster agencies. Later on, 37 preachers from Ilocos Norte, headed by Materno Sibayan, signed a "manifesto" denouncing me and report to the US brethren! Imagine, one against 37, and very influencial men to the Americans? I was put down! No Americans have ever encouraged to stand against the evils of corruptions then; except for brother Cecil Willis whom Materno supplied the "manifesto" and forwarded to me and asked m e reply, which I did. Bro. Willis understand the situation, because he was able to talked to these brethren (John A. Humphries, Chaffin, and Robinson).

Now, here's comes again this "Ad Infinitum et Nauseum!" (or endless wranglings with brethren on the case supplied in Southern Mindanao). I want to end up this useless "wranglings!" Let me explain it:

LIED === I never lie on my reports concerning the reported evacuees in Davao-Bukidnon; Bukidnon-Cotabato; Davao-Cotabato and other that there were evacuees.

Julie Notarte, reported that there were more than 6,000 evacuees. Later, he said to me that, the 6,000 is too small comparing it to the present situation now; so to make an accounting, there might be more than 50,000 to 100,000 evacuees in the whole Region, which he affirmed.

In my report, I simply say that, the number given by brother Julie "too good to be true" and "it's too exaggerated, and it might be less than that number given!" I did not give any figure, but Julie was so angry, because he said "I lied", which i did not. I just did not say the number he said! Is that a lie then?


I would like to say, that, Ron has blatantly rebuked me on this. It was not intended to be a serious thing in my mind, but it cause the troubles to the minds of these brethren in Davao who were expecting a great amount of benevolent from the hands of brother RON HALBROOK.

Before Ron went to Davao, I was with him on his class in Angeles City with brother Lordy. Before I went to Angeles, I got so many TXT MSSGES from those people in Davao, one of them is Frank Isla, Julie's brother-in-law. He was inquiring if Ron will distribute BENEVOLENCE. At first, I said, I don't know.

The same questions were asked when I was already in Angeles; the same when I was already back home. Something "spark" in my mind, that is to "psywar" (or play games with) bro. Isla. So, I later sent TXT MSSGES to him, telling him that Ron will distribute great amount of money to them for the needy brethren. Then Isla asked me how he could avail such benevolence; I told him to list the names of the members in his congregation, etc., and presented it to bro. Ron.

When Ron was there with another American brother (John Henry, which I did not know him, Julie said I was lying, because I said, Ron will be going there along, met him at the airport!) and Jonathan Carino or others, they were waiting for the distributions of these benevolence, bro. Isla TXT me for the last time, saying that they were waiting for the signal from Julie but there was none! So what they did, they showed Ron my messages; Mr. Carino TXT it back to me , and I quickly TXTBK my reply to him.

When I met brother Ron before his flight back to the US, I was with in his hotel with Lordy as witness how I was blatantly rebuked on the matter. It all accepted without any thought of giving reasons, because it was just for "kicks" not serious matter in my heart. However, due to the fact that their caprice was fueled with "gasoline" instead of "water", the fiery ordeals reaches far and wide! I ask an apology to Ron, then I wrote an apology to all concern; these brethren, including Jonathan Carino, I got no feedback. Only those brethren from GENSAN City who sent me their messages in good faith.


Why we have these issues? It is because of benevolence. As we go to the Biblical procedures on this matter, BENEVOLENCE is for a time, not CONTIOUED ASSISTANCE!

Imagine yourself on these great number of evacuees in that area; let's see more than 6,000 or to the minimum of 10,000 faithful brethren; where these brethren came from?

Jun Apatan of Pagadian City told me that last year Julie Notarte sent him records of local congregations in those areas; and in every local churches, membership varries --- there were 10, 20, 40, 50 and to the high number of 150 members! Counting all the numbers in those local churches could noot reach even to 1,000 members! And that records also encludes the church in Digos City where Julie works; does it mean that the brethren in Digos City also evacuated? or does all members in those areas evacuated now?

These is one reason why, when BENEVOLENCE USED AS EVANGELISM, there will be a great number of baptism in so short a time!

Next wavyline that I would like to present here: after giving the BENEVOLENCE to those 10,000 people --- will the church build a kitchen for these brethren to eat? A clinic for these old and young who will get sick? A dormitoryy for these brethren to sleep in the night? How about 1 Timothy 5? Is it forgotten? Because even widows who have relatives, let those relatives take care of the widows and let not the church be burden? Is this verse obsolate now for the compassion we have on those 6,000 to 100,000 evacuees? Think brethren, we might be drifting away frolm the truth because of our love to these distitute souls!

In as much as Gerry Caa said he will no longer accept my reply, I thanked him for that.

Before closing, I would like to say my sentimental feelings; I just hope that it was somebody, and not me that made that report on these matters in Gensan and in those worthless (to me!!) evacuees. I have spent my own money for the foods on those people, but it give no good reaction to me! I don't blame my good friend, Lordy, on giving me the change to work with him; as a matter of fact, before we made the trip, one American brother asking him "why it is that you are taking Bert with you, is there anyone, except him?" Lordy told me this, but I have no ill-feeling to this American brother who lost his trust on me. Everybody is intitled to his own opinion, and it is the right of this brother.

Today, I just feel sorry for myself. After "hiding" away from everyone, and it was only this year that I tried to be "out in my closet", though I did not stop working and preaching the Gospel on my area; I distant myself from everyone. Now, that I was back again into the "circulation" as Lordy termed it, here is the issues of attack again on my personality.

To you all brethren, this will be my last posting and no more. I do not want to be blame on what had happened in Davao and Gensan; however, due to the fact that I have "stabbed in the back", I just want to say, thank you all for the opportunity given to me. Please pray for my soul...

God be with you all, His love abides!

Yours in the truth (2 Cor. 13:8),