Corruption in the Philippines

June 18/96
(7:10 p.m.)

The Nine(9) Signatories
c/o Neo Aglugub
P.O. Box 034,
Tug. Cay.

Dear Fellows,

This is to acknowledge your June 17/96 letter that I just received this late afternoon.

I am going to Manila tonight and this trip is a must. But, I would like to tell you all that I am very much willing for a confrontation to [can't read] the problem. As I have said I am not guilty with your charges, and I am ready to explain to you all the things ye want to hear from me.

Thanks for admitting that it is already very impossible for you to collect all these "poison letters" ye have scattered. Ye seriously stabbed me at the back and we will clear all these things when we talk together.

Please tell me when & where the confrontation will be held. I suggest that if ye like, we will do it here in our building, but if ye don't like, tell me if where. When? How about July 1st, or earlier? tell me what date ye are available.

That's all for now. Copy of this letter will be furnished again to other interested [copy cut off]