Corruption in the Philippines

Church of Christ
Ugac-Pallua Road
P.O. Box 008,
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines
Rody C. Gumpad

Neo L. Aglugub
Robert Gamiao
Rey Ugale
Restie Graneta
Francisco Pagulayan
Edgar Ugaddan
Felipe Catolos
Freddie Aresta
C/O P.O. Box 034,
Tuguegarao, Cagayan 3500-Phil.

June 25, 1996

Dear Fellows;

Received today your June 22/96 letter. I just returned home from Manila.

Regarding the "Confrontation", ye asked me; "Why only now?". Well, ye gravely stabbed me at the back and I was soberly hurt, knocked down. So, how could I raise up immediately and face with you for a confrontation like that? But, at least as I have said, I AM NOT GUILTY of your FALSE CHARGES. Only, I'm still a human being and subject to have deep physical sensation in experiencing such emotional and deathly conditions. I was even then confined at the Hospital because of this, but THANKS to GOD and HIS Wonderful GRACE! With this, I can now better understand Matt. 27:46 when Jesus said at the Cross; "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?". Yes, like the angry Roman Soldiers; ye furiously beaten me up by your disordered charges written and scattered here and in abroad. This could had been more than enough for me to bring you all to the Court for my justice, but I pondered all first to the Lord. Now although I see that Satan had already filled your hearts of grievious bitterness due of too much ENVY and JEALOUSY, i want to tell that I STILL LOVE YOU ALL. It is therefore my prayers like what Jesus said in Lk. 23:34; "... Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do".

In your May 3/96 letter, ye advised me to; "... fight against Satan ...". In your May 13/96 letter, you told me;" not underestimate your opponents nor plan to harrass us. We are ready to fight ... we are aware of your brand of play". My understanding here is that YE are fighting me. So YE are Satan. I concluded that because of John 8:44; "You are of your father the Devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth ... when he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the FATHER of it (Emp. mine -RCG). In your Charges, friends, ye fabricated lies against me. WHY? Despite of that, I still love you all. Only, I'm reminding you the passage of Rev. 21:8.

Ye said, I'm lossing my friends. yes, and that's very sad thing that if possible I do not want to be happened. BUT, it was JUDAS who BETRAYED his friend, JESUS (Matt. 26:49-50). It was BERNABE who BROKE their FRIENDSHIP with PAUL by INSISTING onething that Was NOT acceptable with Paul (Acts 15:36-40). Paul LOST his FRIEND but IT WAS NOT of PAUL'S FAULT. My friends, ye want me to ADMIT your Charges and ye are insisting me to REPENT because as ye said; I love pre-eminence, I love praises of Men, and I am too materialistic. I'm sorry, friends, I CANNOT ACCEPT THOSE ye are INSISTING. I am not that kind of man. I'll go with Paul.

Bro. NEO AGLUGUB, YOU ARE LYING! Are you not afraid to what happened to Anaias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-10)? It is true that you and your wife talked with me and my wife in the Hotel at Pangasinan while we were having that breakfast, but you only disccused about "PUBLIC SPEAKING". You also mentioned that a no-Christian, Mrs Elizabeth Sison, told many bad things about me while ye were in a Parlor shop. I now have here a certification from her that she NEVER uttered such bad things about me as you have told me. NEO, WHY ARE YOU LYING??? Besides, in that same Hotel & time, I did not resisted nor opposed but I humbly accepted all your friendly advises for I know it will help me to become more better & successful preacher. BUT, you NEVER told me there about all these things ye are charging me. The last time, you and your wife came and talked with me and my wife at the new house we are building. YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THOSE CHARGES THINGS! Infact, you only WARNED me about "SHARP EYES". You said to me; "Beware to sharp eyes that might destroy you!" You did not explain that to me even I had urged you to do. You did not told me anything about those ye are charging me. You are my friend. God knows how much I love you, I have trusted you more than the others, BUT WHY DID YOU LIE TO YOUR CO-SIGNATORIES by telling them that you have already talked with me about all these things but I did not take-heeded. Rey Ugale has confirmed this to me infront of witnesses. Neo, Why do you want to destroy me? I have highly recommended you for support and you now have ALL THE AMMOUNT that you like. What do I have that you don't have? YOU WANT MORE? Well, WORK HARDER and the Lord will bless you more. you want also to become a good leader? Well GO AHEAD, Show it and it all yours! BUT PLEASE DON'T DESTROY ME. YOU LIED to me and to your co-signatories, YOU MUST REPENT. Neo, I love you and I don't like that God will PUNISH YOU (1 Chro. 16:22).

Bro. EDGAR UGADDAN, you charges in your May 13/96 letter to me are BASELESS! Why did you say that I will not underestimate you as opponents nor plan to harrass you? Are you fighting me??? Well, I'm not fighting you. I am praying to God since your conversion that you may also become good spiritual leader in His Kingdom. Edgar, God knows also how much I love you. You can easily see this when we discovered your sins of IMMORALITY. Besides the SERIOUS one before your marriage, you did it again THREE(3) TIMES to three(3) different ladies while your wife was away performing her duties as a School teacher at that time. That's why we advised you to convince your wife to resign from her work and it is good for you made it. With her, you can control your lust desires. We were gladdened for we saw improvement in your life. So I recommended you for support also to my supporter. God is faithful and He increased your to MORE THAN you EXPECTED! Now, what do I have that you don't also have? And NOW, WHY DO YOU WANT ALSO TO DESTROY ME? Why did you take-heeded to the PURE LIES of your uncle NEO AGLUGUB??? Why did you told me that I am building a house OUT OF DECEIT? CAN YOU PROVE THIS IN COURT??? If I did wrong to you WHY DID YOU NOT CAME FIRST TO ME? Why did you sent out Poison letters against me without confrontation first with me? Matt. 18:15-17 is also condemning you. You MUST REPENT or GOD WILL PUNISH YOU (1Chro. 16:22).

Bro. RESTIE GRANETA, your May 16/96 letter to me is full of charges based on ILLUSION! You misapplied the Scriptures. You know, that is EXACTLY what the Devil did it to Jesus in the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-10). Restie, I pity you but I want you to know that I STILL LOVE YOU even YOU also LIKE TO DESTROY me. You are complaining that I am not attending your needs. Restie, God knows how much I care also for you needs. Since your conversion, I have also seen that you can also become a great Gospel Preacher. I recommended you for support, but your reports to your supporters are confusing! That's why there was a time that your support was intended to be stopped. Bro. Jim M. asked me if you are still worthy. I answered him a big "YES". Restie, you are not left behind. ONLY YOU who MADE WRONG DECISIONS for your own! When you bought a car you did not see the better one. Now that you have not much, you are blaming me. Don't be silly. Work harder and God will bless you. Now WHY DO YOU ALSO LIKE TO DESTROY ME? Restie, please don't put me down because that will never help you. Change your minds and I'm ready to forgive you.

Bro. ROBERT GAMIAO, in what ground that you also like to destroy me? Why did you not talk first with me? Why did you agree with the LIES charges against me? We are neighbors but seems you are living very very far away from me. You very know also that since your conversion I expected you to be a good partner in preaching the Gospel. I helped you seek support. This time YOU NOW HAVE EVERYTHING! It was even told to me that you now have support that MORE THAN YOU NEED, plus the good salary of your wife as a Government employee. YOU NOW HAVE ALL WHAT YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE. Material possessions? You have no problem. But, Robert, DID I CHARGE YOU ON THOSE THINGS??? WHY DO YOU LIKE ALSO TO DESTROY ME? You are even scattering arround that I am backbiting bro. LEX BARKER. Robert, you are wrong! It was YOU who wrote your two supporters, asking them questions derived from the teachings of bro. Lex Barker. Now, those Churches that supports you in turn asked to bro. Jerry Parks, who also in turn asked to bro. Jim McDonald (If there are saved people outside the Church). I understand that there is no more problem on this because it was already cleared to the concerned brethren, BUT, if YOU WILL NOT STOP SLANDERING ME, GOD WILL DESTROY YOU (Psalm 101:5)! You helped a lot to the Charges against me. Now, why did you not CONFRONTED ME FIRST before you sent out that poison letter? Matt. 18:15-17 will also condemn you. Hope you will REPENT for I am ready also to forgive you.

Bro. REY CORSINO, why do yo want also to destroy me??? You look like a meek lamb the last time you visited us. If you have SENTIMENTS on me, the WHY DO YOU NOT TALK WITH ME??? Why did you not follow your Bible (Matt. 18:15-17)? You my supporter and you got also the support you need. But why, REY, that you now like to destroy me? Did I committed wrong against you? If so, Did you told me? If not, WHY NOT? Do you not know your Bible (Matt. 18:15-17)? I heard that you have sentiment on me about bro. Ken Marrs. If that is true, Rey, I would like to tell you that is NOT true. I never manupolated bro. Marrs or ANY of the Visiting American Brethren. They made their OWN PLANS and SCHEDULES. I only helped them. Rey, I am very sad, I counted you as a good fellow and it is very far into my imagination that you also want to destroy me. Rey, WHY DO YOU LIKE ALSO TO PUT ME DOWN???? Why did you gave a place to devil in your heart (Eph. 4:27)?. You destroyed me to my supporters. What is your Intension? You are not destroying me alone, BUT YOU, your OWN SELF, but most especially the Lord's Work. Rey, please REPENT. With God's grace, I am ready to forgive you.

Bro. REY UGALE, Despite that you are my brother in Law, since your conversion, God knows also how much we love you and your family. I also helped you seek support, and this time, you now also HAVE ALL you want in this life, including a newly Board Passer wife who is now practicing her profession as a lawyer. BUT, REY, WHY DO YOU ALSO LIKE TO DESTROY ME? Did I destroy you when I heard also many complaints against you, especially about building funds??? No, I disregarded all these things for I have trust in you. Now, your problem to me is not concrete. You told me that you were only "PRESSURED" to sign your name in that Poisonous letter. We already settled our differences about our ideas on the PARADISE or the Garden of Eden. You also further said that is already nothing more to you. BUT WHY did you still give your signature? Do you still have problem to me? Please come and tell me (Matt. 18:15-17). But if none, Why then that you want to DESTROY ME??? Rey, if you will not STOP doing this, you WILL NOT INHERIT Heaven. You will lost your soul and all your loveones. It is your fault to me when you sent out those Poison letters that you did not first confronted me. You hurt me and my family. Please pray that we can forgive you if you ask forgiveness.

Bro. FELIPE CATOLOS, I thought you are SINCERE to the reconcilliation that we have did! We are very happy because we are enjoying again the sweet spirit of fellowship. But what's wrong, brother??? Why do you like also to destroy me? If I have done wrong to you WHY did you not told me? Matt. 18:15-17 also condems you. Bro. Felipe, this is a very serious matter. Why did you not approach me first before you acted like that? Accept it or not but I helped you also in seeking your needed support. The American brethren are also free in your hands. I am not manupolating them. You can write and ASK any of them. This is now the 3rd time that you hurt me. I still love you as a brother and please pray that I can forgive you if you also ask forgiveness. If you were at my shoes, and I'll stab you at the back, what will be your feeling brother? What do you want me to do? That is what I'm expecting you to do, please.

Bro. FREDDIE ARESTA, please don't think that I had left you behind. God knows of what I"m doing so that you will be also supported. Frankly, I have recommended you many times for support, to Bro. Marrs, to Bro. McDonald and the last time, you are number one again to my list to bro. Jerral Kay. But please don't blame me if you don't still have up to this time. That's not already my fault. Now, Freddie, WHY DO YOU LIKE TO DESTROY ME? Did I have done wrong to you? If so, did you told me but I did not take-heeded? Then let God punish me. But, Freddie, when was the last time that we see each

[Editor's note: A line appears to be missing from the copy that I have due to a misfeed of the copier]

Fellows, in your May 3/96 letter you said that; "This is a sentiment of most of our brethren here in our area INCLUDING THE METRO TUGUEGARAO CHURCH WHERE you PREACH . . . you are lossing your credibility . . . you are lossing the respect of your brethren . . . he is the talk of the brethren . . . he is the talk of the people . . . you are lossing the respect of your brethren NOT ONLY HERE in Cagayan but also IN ISABELA and OTHER PLACES" (Emp. mine-RCG). NOW, in your June 17/96 letter, point no. 7, ye said; ". . . you are soliciting SIGNATURES from OTHER CONGREGATIONS to vouch your credibility but this is self-serving. the SIGNATORIES DOES NOT KNOW THE REAL ISSUES. Even TUGUEGARAO CONGREGATION WHERE YOU PREACH . . ." (Emph. mine-RCG). Friends, the INCONSISTENCY of your letters clearly PROVING that ye only want TO DESTROY ME. But, anyway, I am glad that ye now heard about the reactions of the so many brethren, faithful Christian here in the Valley upon they have learned to what ye have did to me. yes, so many of them are asking my favor to help them so that they can also set their signatures
that; I am not lossing my credibility
that; I am not lossing their respect to me
that; they are wishing me much to go and preach to them. That they are sharply blaming the non-christian way that ye have done to me and my family. I have also accidentally talked with some members from your congregations and they were all saddened to what ye have done. Many of these beloved brethren are advicing me to retaliate against ye, but i have told them, that is not good. Now, may I return your mind to the context of your letter coped above. What is the true one among this two letters??? Ye said in May 3/ letter that I am already the talk of the people, the talk of the brethren, not only at my Congregation but also to others, in Cagayan, Isabela and to other places. Now, when ye heard about those brethren who wanted to sign also their names to prove my credibility, ye said now; "They do not know . . . even the Tuguegarao Church"! I really PITY YOU ALL, friends, WHY ARE YOU LYING? Why do you need to put me down so that ye will get up? Cammon, do all what good ye can, work harder and GOD will lift ye up. Do not destroy your fellow. Many are now very afraid at you (Nine). They said, if they destroyed brother Rody Gumpad, no doubt that they will also destroy me. That is not our work, my friends. Let's preach the Gospel. Be content of what you have. Work harder and God will bless you of all what you need. He did that to me and I know what I'm saying. Remove dirty thoughts in your minds. Replace it with sincere love, sincerity and understanding.

In your May 27/96 letter, ye challenged me for a "CONFRONTATION". In my June 11/96 response, I've told you I'm very willing BUT, COLLECT FIRST all your Poison letters that ye have scattered here and in abroad. I also asked ye to call those people whom ye notified that they all must be present at the Confrontation, but in your June 17 letter, ye said that this is impossible! Dear fellows, it's good that ye have SEEN YOUR BIG BIG MISTAKE! Why did ye sent out those letters while in fact the CONFRONTATION is NOT YET HELD? Ye SHOULD CONFRONTED ME FIRST, But ye did not. Now the Bible is CONDEMNING YOU ALL on this (Matt. 18:15-17). This is your BIG SIN to me (EACH OF YOU)! Ye slandered me to my supporters, friends and many more. I've warned ye already and I'm WARNING YOU ALL AGAIN! THIS IS "LIBEL". If ye challenge me oncemore I will FACE ye in the COURT to protect my name & dignity. Friends, I'M SERIOUS and I MEAN IT! So, please, don't force me to do it. . NOW, what is the use of a CONFRONTATION while ye already DESTROYED ME? That is why I am asking ye to collect first those letters, and call also those people whom ye notified so that they will hear me. Ye advised me to call witnesses for me in your May 27 letter, to witness in the confrontation. Friends, NO NEED! I can prove that I am not guilty, but I would like these people whom ye destroyed me to hear the real score. But, ye said, it is not your duty to call them. But Friends, ye NOTIFIED THEM. Ye Destroyed me to them. Now, WHAT THEN IS THE USE of the CONFRONTATION IF I CANNOT CLEAR MY SELF TO THEM??? You SEE? Ye only like to destroy me. Ye want me to face with you in a confrontation like that so that ye will force me to admit SINS that I'VE NEVER COMMITTED, then ye write and scatter that again. My friends, please don't be like that. Suppose somebody will do that to you, DO YOU LIKE IT???

NOW, Regarding my PROPERTIES. I AM NOT DENYING ALL THESE THINGS, BUT Ye are WRONG in FIGURES! This is one of your big sins to me. Ye assumed and simulated just to satisfy your desire to destroy me. My friends, these suppose to be CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS to every family like you and me. But for your satisfaction I would say that God had so graciously gave all to us these Material [Editor Note: Line not copied properly due to misfeed on the copier] also like to say that ALL we have are not hiddenning with us at our home and they all know and see what we have. Now, the dirtiest in your minds is that if HOW I ACQUIRED THESE PROPERTIES? Friends, I would tell ye first that this is very heavy to me when ye said that I am using my sick children as "BUSINESS". May GOD FORGIVE YOU ALL. Friends, I have been preaching the Gospel 16 years ago. I received supports and many EXTRAS / GIFTS / and ONETIME HELPS. During the Medication of my son, Jay, yes many helped for his Medication. I told it all to my friends and supporters, but when the NEEDS FILLED UP, I am also telling them that we now have enough Many others also reacted but delayed. So, I told them (By letter or by phone) that no need, we now have enough. I Even RETURNED MANY CHECKS to the Senders BUT, most of them said, "Rody, thank you for your honesty. We are sending you back the money and please use it as you see fit". Besides, we got many unexpected GIFTS / ONETIME HELPS. I have so MANY LETTERS / NOTES here that can prove this, but the rest are CHECKS ALONE and no letter. Friends, believe it or not but this is the fact! I don't even know the other sources of this monies / Gifts, but it is said that someone told them about the work we are doing here for the Lord and they want to share some of their blessings. Sometimes, they said "Little help" but it is $500., $1,000. or even more!!! Now, Friends, do you know why we have all these blessings? Simple! It is because we are Working Hard for Him, rain or shine, day & night. We are mentaining our family prayer meeting and we feel that our GOD is so very near to us! Because of this, we are moving also in the double and as ye can see, the Church here at Tugegarao is also continue to grow, both spiritually and in number. At present, we have a plan to make EXTENSION for our Building and we will make it in a two storey form so that at the upstair, Children & Young People could have rooms for their classes. Yes, Congregationally speaking, we have a direction to go as God expects us and also to other groups of Christians in other localities. Why, do you not feel the goodness of God in your family and in your Congregations??? I will tell you again, folks, WORK harder, concentrate your efforts. Do all the best ye can and be faithful. I am very sure that God will bless you more. That's how we acquired our properties. I never deceived anyone. We got many gifts, unexpected onetime helps. I am very sure that ye are also experiencing this what I"m saying. Now, it is not because I am the one saying, but I am always sincere, true and honest to my God and to my supporters. Do not lie to God for He can able to get back even the smallest thing you have. ABOUT my New HOUSE: I'm very sad & deeply hurt when ye said that I'm building this out of DECEIT. If ye only believe that I barrowed money from the Bank ye should have no problem. A good friend of mine also had barrowed certain ammounts from brethren & friends. I have all here the lists. This is all the ammount of the standing building that we now have. We temporarily stopped the Construction simply because of no more funds. My friends, I NEVER DECEIVED ANYONE. Ye are WRONG, misinterpreted and SLANDERED me. Ye said more many things in your letter but ALL in VAIN. Ye deeply hurt me and my family. My friends, What is wrong to those properties we have??? Why, what do you think of me to use those BLESSINGS of God to me? Do I have no right to prepare also a better future of my family? Ye want to live but ye want me to die? Why, what kind of Christians ye are?

Regarding "Life Style" and "Self Denial". I can't get well what ye meant but what I know is that I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST (Gal. 2:20). However, I'm still human and still subject with short comings / mistakes. But my Lord is merciful for If I confess my sins He is faithful & just to forgive me (1 Jn. 1:9) Friends, if ye say that ye have no sins, ye are deceiving your selves (1 Jn. 1:8) and ye are Lying. If ye say also that ye cannot sin ye are making God a liar (1 Jn. 1:10). Now, ye are INSISTING that I have sin in the area of Life Style and Self-Denial. Probably, and I am asking apology. The offended must let me know. On this course, Friends, may I say it; "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at me first" (Matt. 8:1-10). Friends, please don't be like the Pharisee (Lk. 18:9-13). "And why do you look at the speck in your brother's ye, but do no consider the plank in your OWN EYES?" (Matt. 7:3).

Ye know, brethren, because of what ye did to me, ye are not only killing me & my family but most especially the WORK OF GOD. Ye paralized the work and disappointed the so many brethren. ye also destroyed the future of the young preachers who are desiring also to preach "By Faith". Ye also DESTROYED the CREDIBILITIES of the American Brethren who are helping you all, those American brethren who greatly extended many sacrifices like bro. KEN MARRS and his [Editor's Note: Once again, the copy is cropped at the bottom line] Bro. RON HALBROOK, Bro. JERRAL KAY, Bro. WALLACE LITTLE

How did ye destroyed them? Well, I did not told them to make good reports about me and the works here. They made it with their own, based from what they know, from what they seen and from what they had observed. They reported highly those things to many brethren abroad, both in public speaking and in the papers circulating in their homeland. But here YE ARE, DESTROYING what they were saying. Yes, Ye are destroying their CREDIBILITIES. Now, who else will hear them? And if none will hear them anymore, WHO ELSE will help you??? Who else will help the Philippine Work? Ye See? That is the BIG MISTAKE that ye have done when ye SCATTERED THAT POISON LETTER against me. ye destroyed me but NOT only me. Ye also Destroyed the CREDIBILITIES of those Outstanding American brethren who greatly helped us and the Philippine work in many ways. Ye put them in HOT WATER among their fellow american brethren. Now, Who else will HELP THE WORK HERE in the Philippines? Who will help the needy Workers now? NO MORE! Who can be trusted now? No More! Now, I tell you, friends, it is not my practice to recommend cutting of supports but when your own supporters will learn of what ye have done they will also think deeper and react, and when that time comes, please DO NOT SAY that I AM THE ONE WHO RECOMMENDED for the CUTTING of YOUR SUPPORTS. Ye must know that ye deserves it just because of your too much ENVY & JEALOUSY. now, ye are proudly saying that even ye have no support because ye are all professionals and ye can go to work with salary, but how about those fellows who are dedicated and deligently working but NO higher educational attainment? They are not professionals like ye and they could not work but they are HONEST & SINCERE to their preaching works? What ye did, my friends is a SELFISH MOTIVE.

Dear Fellows, I'm urging ye all to please consider these things that I've written ye. Ye FRAMED-UP me by sending out those Poison letters with out confrontation first between us. Ye gravely destroyed me and my family. Ye are condemn under Matthew 18:15-17. Ye destroyed the American Brethren's Credibilities, especially those I have mentioned who did a lot to help the Phil. Work. Ye destroyed their image among their fellows in their homeland. Ye are destroying the Work of the Lord here. And Ye are destroying the future of the young fellows who are desiring to preach also "By Faith".

Now, in my June 18/96 letter, I said I want to confront also with you all so that I can tell you these big mistakes that ye arrogantly have done. Although I've heard that ye will not stop until ye will see me crawl on the ground, but please, Friends, DON'T FORCE ME TO APPEAL TO CAESAR (Acts 25:11). I am repeating my WARNING! Don't blame me later. Stop Slandering me here and in abroad, or else, WE WILL SEE EACH OTHERS IN THE COURT. I will seek justice to clear my name & Dignity. Again, I'm SERIOUS and I MEAN IT. I hope and pray that when we talk together in that confrontation ye will also realize your mistakes and ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. I AM READY TO FORGIVE YOU ALL. Now, as early as of this time, I am now asking Apology if I have committed wrong to any of you. This is the only way I know that we can restore oncemore the peace & unity, then we maybe can work all together again and continue to patch things that are needed. Hope so.

Now, FINALLY, I'm sorry, I have a VERY IMPORTANT travelling Appointment on Saturday (June 29), SO, may I humbly request it to be postponed on July 2 (Tuesday), 9:A.M.. Lord Willing, I'll be at the venue ye said on that day (Cassa Ludivina). I love you all (Gal. 5:25).


[Signed: Rody C. Gumpad]

[Editor's Note: Throughout this letter, Matthew 18:15-18 is used to condemn the accussers. There are several problems with this view. First, while Rody denies the topic was discussed, he does agree that he and Neo had talked. Second, there are several references to personal letters that Rody finds upsetting. Rody only accepts face-to-face rebukes (see I Corinthians 1:11 for an example of a rebuke by letter). Third, Rody assumes all accusers must first face him one-on-one, which is not stated in Matthew 18. Fourth, Matthew 18 deals with a sin against a brother. Rody is charged with sins against God and the church. There is no sin against any particular brother, so the requirement for one-to-one discussion does not apply.]

[Editor's Note: By "wrong in figures" Rody means that the men have either the quantity or the price wong on his purchases. For example, in the confrontation Rody points out that one of his property purchase was 904 square meters and not 900 as stated in the original letter. These rounding differences gives Rody justification to denounce the men as liars with conviction.]

[Editor's Note: It doesn't come out as clear here as in the video tape confrontation. Rody believes it is right to ask for aid for various expenses. If more comes than expected, then he offers part of it back, knowing most brethren will tell him to keep it anyway. He also receives money long after making requests that he doesn't return. All this money ("blessings") is immediately spent. This allows him to request more aid at the next major expense because he has no available cash.]