Corruption in the Philippines

Republic Of The Philippines )
Municipality Of Tuguegarao ) S.S.
Province Of Cagayan )


We; the undersigned, all of legal ages, Filipinos, married and residing in the province of Cagayan, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:

  1. That we are the same persons who made and signed a letter dated May 3, 1996 imputing deceit, unjust enrichment and other malicious things and conducts against brother Rody Gumpad of Tuguegarao, Cagayan;
  2. That we scattered copies of the said letter here in the Philippines and in abroad with out confrontation first with bro. rody Gumpad.
  3. That the nine(9) of us, together with bro. Rody Gumpad and witnesses have a confrontation today, July 6, 1996, here at Casa Ludivina Conference Hall, Tuguegarao, Cagayan.
  4. That in the said confrontation, the nine(9) of us have accepted our mistakes;
    A. Not confronting first bro. Rody Gumpad before sending out those letters.
    B. That some of what we have written against bro. Rody Gumpad are not correct.
  5. That likewise, bro. Rody Gumpad also accepted his mistake in providing the documents which are not correct to bro. Kenneth Marrs in his letter dated June 14, 1996 on point numbers 3 & 4, page no. 2.
  6. That the nine(9) of us have asked forgiveness from bro. Rody Gumpad and he forgave us. Likewise, bro. Rody Gumpad also asked forgivenes from the nine(9) of us and we also forgave him. All we have don in the name and God's Glory.
  7. That for further purposes of harmony and unity, it has been agreed by all parties concern NOT TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES ANYMORE.

In witness whereof, we have here unto set our hands this _______ day of July 1996 at Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Neo Aglugub (Affiant) Not Signed!
Robert Ugale (Affiant) Not Signed!
Rey Ugale (Affiant) Not Signed!
Restie Graneta (Affiant) Not Signed!
Felipe Catolos (Affiant) Not Signed!
Rey Corsino (Affiant) Not Signed!
Edgar Ugaddan (Affiant) Not Signed!
Francisco Pagulayan (Affiant) Not Signed!
Freddie Aresta (Affiant) Not Signed!
[Signed: Rody C. Gumapd] (Affiant)

SUSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ________ day of July,
Doc. No. _______ Book No. ________