Corruption in the Philippines

Church of Christ
Ugac-Pallua Road
P.O. Box 008,
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines
Rody C. Gumpad

July 13, 1996

Bro. Kenneth Marrs
3428 Dixie Land Way,
Rancho Cordova, California,
95670 -USA

Dear Brother Kenneth,

I just returned home early this morning from Manila. My VISA is NOT YET Approved. The FOUR U.S. Consuls said that I will not return anymore to the Philippines once I get to the U.S.. However, the fifth one has told me to return to him on Monday with more convincing reasons and documents if I have. So, I'll try again next week but If I fails I will return later the money for the ROUND TRIP TICKET to those who gave me.

Brother Ken, I really waned to write you in the past several days but I have no time. Thanks to God for I have time today and hope this finds ye all again in the best of health and in good spirit.

Brother Ken, my MAIN PURPOSE in writing you is to humbly ask APOLOGY. When I sent you the DEED OF SALES of the lands we bought, my only intention is to prove that the NINE FELLOWS have exagerated too much the figures they have put in their charges letter. BUT, besides that, I FAILED to explain to your that I paid little higher ammount than that in the Deed of Sale to the Vendee who did the common practice in this Nation when someone sell a parcel of his land in order to escape paying higher Capital gain tax. That's what the VENDEE DID. Brother Jim Puterbaugh who was present during our confrontation held last Saturday understood well what I'm saying and he told to all of us that day that he himself had experienced that when he bought his land at Diffun, Quirino but he REFUSED the vendee to do that to him. On the above POINT, bor. Ken, that I have Committed WRONG TO YOU and TO MY GOD. Brother Ken, I AM VERY SORRY and I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. Hope you can FORGIVE ME, PLEASE?

Brother Ken, you may send again a copy of this letter to the NINE Fellows but I would say that I don't like fighting, especially in a onesided battle like this. Perhaps, they already sent you a copy of what we signed last Saturday about this matter, but I LATER PROTESTED THIS to THEM. I even ERASED my Name & Signature at the ORIGINAL COPY (So also some of the witnesses erased their names) because we later realized that ALONA UGALE DID NOT PUT the real point that we all agreed upon as suggested by American brother, LARRY HAVERSTOCK, who was also present with bro. Jim P. at that said Confrontation day. The nine have ACCEPTED verbally that some (As has been discussed) of what they have written against me ARE NOT CORRECT, BUT, this is NOT in the said paper that we signed (I was so much pressured at that time and I overlooked). The only thing in the Paper is they have accepted that they sent their letter with out confronting me first. I talked personally to Neo, Robert, Rey, Francisco and Rey and told them about this and they said that they will consider it but up to this time I have not seen them. I don't believe that they have created again another trouble.

Finally, Brother Ken, my family and I were deeply wounded but we will continue serve the Lord. If there are those who will insist troubles and fightings, we will not fight. We can go down to the bottom just for the sake fo the Lord's Work here which we love very much. We highly appreciate those who can understand us. We have VISITORS again, and so, I close for now.

P.S. - Bro. Ken, I just received a letter from bro. DON WILSON of Auburn. Ca. . Asking me if he can come [Editor's Note: remainder of letter cut off on this copy.]

[Editor's Note: Rody is being misleading. As the purchaser of the land, Rody is the "vendee." As the purchaser, he is responsible for paying taxes. The lower reported price benefits him more than the seller. See Aglugub's note.]