Corruption in the Philippines

Church of Christ
P.O. Box 008
99-Ugac-Pallua Road
Tuqueqarao, Cagayan

Rody C. Gumpad
Know the truth and the Truth shall make you free. (Jn. 8:32)

Lamar County, Al. U.S.A
August 28/96

Dear Bro. Neo,

Hello! Hope & pray this finds you & your family well.

My wife called me early this morning (from Manila, and learned that Jay is scheduled to be operated tomorrow. My Wife also told me that you've offered again another "Outstanding assistance" to help her at the Hospital. I understand that Geo. & Sis. Pespicio did first the same thing and that's why my wife had just said thanks to you. Bro. Neo, I want also to express my sincere thanks to you and your wife for that. I appreciate it very much.

Also, I am sending you a copy of our Original Agreement for peace & reconciliation, with my signature. I withdraw the second document I asked you to sign & I regret writing it. I am humbly asking Apology for having written it. I am not interested in a law suit but am trying to follow the way of Christ. I am sorry if I have offended you & the other fellows about that matter. Let us conduct ourselves as brethren in Christ. As Abraham said; "let there be no strife, I pray thee, between thee and me. . ., for we be brethren (Gen. 13:8). Lord willing, I'll be leaving Birmingham tomorrow, for Clifornia, then to Hawaii. Not long from now, we'll see each others again, my dear Brother!

Regards. . . Thanks If you could relay this message also to the other fellows. I'll write them also when I get home. . .

Fraternally Yours in Christ,
[Signed: Rody C. Gumpad]