Corruption in the Philippines



It has been reported that I have left the faith and embraced materialism. This letter will not judge the motives of anyone who make such a report, because only God can know the heart (1 Cor. 2:11). I am trying only to speak for myself so that such reports will not destroy my reputation as a Christian and a Gospel Preacher.

ACTUALLY, I am still preaching the same Gospel which I began to preach when I first left Pentecostalism and obeyed the Truth years ago. My attitude toward materialism is this: I AM WILLING TO SERVE THE LORD AND TO PREACH THE GOSPEL EVER IF IT SHOULD COST ME ALL. MATERIAL THINGS AND EARTHLY ADVANTAGES. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matt. 16:26).

SOME EXAGGERATED reports have been given about my possessions. It is said I bought Two houses, Three cars, and several pieces of Property. To better serve my family of 11 and our many visitors, I am building a new house on the property directly behind my old one and the Church building through the money that I barrowed from the Metro Bank and some friends. My Jeep is FOR SALE to pay some bills, and my old car needs repairs so that I can continue my travels in preaching the Gospel. The other property is a small one purchased as an investment by paying little by little for several years, and a piece of land received as payment on a loan I made to help someone. Since I have no other source of income except support from U.S.. brethren, I use the land as collateral for loans in emergency situations. For instance my son, Jay, is having emergency surgery and I barrowed the money for him to enter the Hospital by using this collateral. I am trying to use wisdom in meeting the problems of life, but not seeking wordly wealth. If someone has advice on a better way to meet such problems, I will consider any advice. I am using my best judgement in these decisions, but I do not claim my judgement is perfect, and I do not despise anyone who has a different judgement. I am not leaving the faith nor charging someone else with leaving the faith if we have different judgements on such matters of opinion.

I have devoted myself to the work of the Gospel as a fulltime Gospel Preacher for many years. U.S. brethren have supported me for many years to do this work. The result is the more than 50 small but sound Congregations now here in the Cagayan Valley area, due to my efforts and many FELLOW LABORERS. U.S. brethren have been very generous to help us during many natural disasters in our area and they have also helped us meet many medical emergencies. My son, Jay, has been fighting a very expensive battle with Cancer for many years. He would not be alive today if it were not for the love and generous help of American Saints. Sometimes, when emergencies occured through the years, American brethren sent more money to me because of their love and confidence and they told me to use the money for ANY NEED of my family. Since Gospel Preaching is my ONLY WORK and U.S. support is my ONLY INCOME, I have tried to use such special gifts wisely. If I actually were trying to deceive brethren and pursue wealth, I never would have returned those extra funds in the first place.

I am SORRY for anything I have done which offends anyone in these matters. I am trying to learn from the Criticisms how I can be a better Christian and a better Preacher. To remove the danger of misunderstanding and criticism, I will try harder to give a fuller report to my U.S. supporters regarding my financial situation. If ANY of THEM HAVE QUESTIONS about this, I will encourage them to ask their questions and to give me a chance to explain. If they wish to offer advice about my situation, I will consider their suggestions and use them if possible. I am now also taking steps to seek COMPLETE reconcilliation with my beloved co-workers here in Cagayan who have been offended. When we signed a statement of reconcilliation in July, I had second thoughts and removed my name and asked them to sign a new statement. But after much thought and prayer, I regret removing my name from the original statement and writing a new one. EACH of the signers of the Original Statement will receive a copy of that statement with my name clearly signed. I will also try to meet with them to discuss the lessons I have learned, so that I can take steps to be a better example to my coworkers. Infact, I already talked with one of them (REY UGALE) yesterday afternoon and we were both very happy because our relationship has been once again FULLY restored!

My desire is to have scriptural reconcilliation with ANYONE who is offended at me, I too was OFFENDED by somethings that were said ABOUT ME, and I apologize for any hard words I used at that time. Since we are brothers in Christ, we must rise above our heart feelings and pray God will help us not to make the mistakes of the past. I say to ALL my OFFENDED brethren the Words of Abraham to his beloved Lot, "Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee ...for we be brethren" (Gen. 13:8). Lets "Keep the Unity of the spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:1-3) and defeat Satan by Gods Words Power and by the true love of Brethren.


[Signed: Rody C. Gumpad]