Corruption in the Philippines

September 25 1996

The Elders
C/0 Bro. David Meir
15813 N.E. 135 Street,
Redmond, Washington,
98052 -USA

Dearest Brethren In Christ,

Hope & pray this finds you all there again in the best of health. We continue earnestly praying for you all.

Brethren, my recent 54 days visit in your great country was so very good and memorable to me. I preached 35 times in different places and baptized one in Vernon, Alabama. I witnessed also one baptism at Akron, Ohio, where I preached, and I baptized two more in Hawaii. I was very much encouraged and i get home felt stronger in the Lord. I'm only sad that we didn't meet each other because bro.Ward Ellsworth has disregarded my coming there. Anyhow, I understand him and his reason.

With Gods help, I arrived home safely last Sunday and preached in our worship. I found my family okey and the Church at peace. Many fellow-workers, brethren and friends from different places are daily coming to say also "Hello". We are feeding them and teaching them. Infact, we baptized two last Monday from Solana. We baptize supposed to be also five from Pentecostals yesterday but they were not able to arrive. I dont know why. But on Saturday, we will baptize another two or three from Villa Salud. More news about our preachings next mail.

Brethren, above is a copy of my general letter statement regarding the Charges made against me recently. When I was there in the States, bro.Wallace Little had put me in the Internet with out checking me first if the Charges were true. He warned all the U.S. that I have left the faith and fallen from Grace, deceiving American brethren, etc...He lied and slandered me. I am defenseless but I will not go to his bad level on this matter. Because of what he did, five of my supporters had just DROPPED my support. He promised to continue doing this until all the remaining four also will be stopped. I know that I am now in a dilemmatic situation, but whatever may comes, my family and I will continue serve the Lord, the one who died for us. My son, Jay, has an emergency surgery when I was in the States and the tumor at his foot was removed in Manila Hospital. My wife barrowed money but was not enough and she brought out Jay untimely from the Hospital. Today, Jays wound is swelling because of infection. He needs more medical treatment. Also, the people are now asking us to pay them. The Bank also notified us to partially pay now. Two Typhoons are coming. one is called "Super Typhoon" We have fear that our [Editor's Note: The copy I have ends here. I do not have the remainder of the letter.]