Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Glenn,

In your e-mail Posts, You are continuosly lambasting, misinterpreting, misrepresenting and destroying me and other fellow Filipino & American faithful Gospel Preachers. You have been doing this since the past several years and you already "did me much evil: the Lord reward you according to your works" (2 Tim.4:14). I cannot enumerate all your Blatant lies here due to limited space but I will quote some.

1)You LAMBASTED ME in Your fabricated funny story about what happened in the funeral of your father in law. Your story is a GARBAGE and I don't know anyone who will believe you in that. My great concern is that you LIED and ALL LIARS will go to Hell (Rev.21:8). We did all our best to help you and your family by taking care of the body from Manila to Tuguegarao, Funeral to Burial, but you called us "VULTURES" and had put us into a very bad image! That's very disgusting/disappointing/embarassing and very painful but the Lord may forgive you.

2)You said that Rody Gumpad is Crooked and dishonest. Glenn, are you not the one who is crooked and dishonest? In your report to your supporters dated Feb.2/99 you said that "The cost of the funeral and food for the mourners was $2,000.00. Phoebe and I paid the whole amount, wiping out our savings"($2,000 X 35 =P70,000.00).Glenn, Where/What/How did you spent that amount in the funeral? I'm Challenging you to itimize or enumerate how you spent that in the funeral. That is an indirect appeal and that is DISHONESTY because YOU NEVER SPENT such amount. You see, GLENN HAMILTON, you are the one who is CROOK and DISHONEST. Also, You said; "Even while the funeral was ongoing, MANY of dad's friends approached me to show that dad was indebted to them...many of them Gospel preachers...what they wanted was a verval acknowledgement from me that the family would honor the debts. I tried to pay off as MANY DEBTS as I could but we only had about $500.00 left in our savings here, so MANY DEBTS still remain". Glenn, you know that your father in law was the clossest to me among my friends here and there was NO SUCH MANY DEBTS of him. I am CHALLENGING YOU to NAME those PREACHERS whom you said you already paid and those "MANY DEBTS still REMAIN (Preachers). Why are you Lying? That is also an indirect appeal and since that it is NOT TRUE, so you see, YOU, GLENN HAMILTON, is the one who is CROOKED and DISHONEST.

3)Also you said that the desk sergeant of the Police had told you that Rody Gumpad is Crook and extortionist. Last December 1999, A fellow Preacher and I went to the Police, SPO3 Marcelo Cabildo who admitted your "Threath/Ransom" complaint, and then on April this year, bro.Jim McDonald, Bro.Earl Mitchell and other Faithful Preachers went again to the said Police and he has only ONE WORD, that, It was YOU, who told them that I am crooked and extortionist. Now, GLENN HAMILTON, Why are you SLANDERING ME???

4)Also you said; "Rody has caused division...a divisive man..."Glenn, I am preaching the Word of Truth(2 Tim.4:2) and the Truth is setting free those who are honest (John 8:32). Now, if to preach the Doctrines of Christ (2 John 9) is divisive, then I leave that to God's hands. But if that is in obedience to God's will (Matt.7:21), then I will continue to do so and no one can stop me. I ought to obey God rather than GLENN HAMILTON, WALLACE LITTLE or anybody else(Acts 5:39). Now, I am challenging you to prove what you said that I am a divisive. WHAT CHURCHES DID I DEVIDED? Name them! C'mon! You can't? Then WHY ARE YOU LYING? HA!

5)Also you said; "Rody has caused such division through material means-offering food or cash to those who leave congregations where those Rody dislikes preach". How a BLATANT LIE! GLENN, Wake up! Or, is that an indirect admittance by you that you cannot convert people in your preaching? C'mon, Glenn, walk straight, walk in the light, preach the Truth, display your true card and people will follow you if they see that you are right. Please face me gentlemanly and do NOT GO below the belt. By the way, will you please SHOW a PROOF that I am doing what you are charging me. Glenn, YOU CANNOT because YOU ARE LYING!

6)Also you said; "Rody has publicly announced to the Metro Tuguegarao Church that he was no longer a preacher". GLENN HAMILTON, when did I ANNOUNCED this??? C'mon, will you please tell. YOU CANNOT, because YOU ARE LYING!

7)Also you said; "I also question Rody's honesty in reporting his total amount of support. Dishonesty is a sin..." BRAVO!!! Glenn, do you know what you are saying? I urge you to please remove first the beam that is in thine own eye (Matt.7:4). If you want me to report to you how much is my support, I am willing, why not, but C'mon, DO IT FIRST TO ME. Report first to me how much support you are receiving each month. Also, I am challenging you to prove that I am not preaching anymore at the Metro Tuguegarao Church. And, also, please BE HONEST to your supporters by telling them that YOU HAVE NO Congregation where you are the Preacher. Tell also to your supporters all the irrigularities that you are doing here like in destroying me and other Preachers who are not "In line" with you. Tell them the Truth that you are a TROUBLE MAKER here. If you can do that, Congratulations!

8)Also you said; "That Bro. Greg De Los Reyes is the Employee of Rody Gumpad. That he is my Personal Chauffer.." When did you see him driving my car, Day, Date, Time, Please??? What is your PROOF that he is my EMPLOYEE? GLENN HAMILTON, Please SPEAK UP! C'MON, Open your mouth. WHY ARE YOU LYING???

9)Also, in your latest Post where you are appealling assistance for Bro. Elias Pagulayan's daughter, here are your LIES; A) "A Crooked preacher(Rody Gumpad) said he would give the money for that and THE FUTURE OPERATIONS". Glenn, where did you HEARD ME said that? Ha? WHY ARE YOU LYING? B) "Before the third operation, the crooked preacher (Rody Gumpad) INSISTED that Elias sign over the rest of his property to him before getting the money". GLENN, Will you please PROVE this? Where and when DID YOU SAW ME doing this? Ha? WHY ARE YOU LYING? C) Instead, Elias sold the rest of his property (rice fields).". GLENN, What PROPERTY OF ELIAS you are talking about? Where can you find a RICEFIELDS OF BRO. ELIAS that he SOLD? Will you please tell us the Location, the DATE and the BUYER. I am challenging you, but you can't, Because, YOU ARE LYING. WHY ARE YOU LYING, HA? D) “Elias is without anything more to sell except his HOUSE, and then where would they live? He is even trying to sell his old TV which probably won't bring much...". Glenn, Where is that house of Elias? This evening, Bro.Dante Aguinaldo, Tessie, sis.Cora Aquino, sis. and bro.Dencio Natividad and I went to the home of Bro. Elias, and these are what he told us (I Recorded all); That, he has NO house. The house where they are presently staying is a house of his parents. That he NEVER SOLD a ricefields because he has NO SUCH! And, his Television set was only bought recently by them but you failed to mention that it was paid advantagedly last week by your "ALLIE", SOL PAGULAYAN, of only P5,000.00! You see, GLENN, HOW DISHONEST YOU ARE! Glenn, you have lots of Materials against me full of BLATANT LIES and I have no interest to answer them all. It's only a waste of time. Please FACE the FACTS that IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR FALSE DOCTRINES that I CANNOT go with you, like Your false stand on Romans 14, Your wrong position on FELLOWSHIP and other doubtfull stands on Bible Subjects. Yes, you claimed that you disagree with the wrong Positions of the False Teachers like JIM PUTERBAUGH (On the Eating of blood,MDR,etc) and WALLACE LITTLE (One eternal Covenant, False teacher cannot be called a false teacher,etc.), but you are FELLOWSHIPPING with them! You are with Puterbaugh again very recently. That makes you also a PARTAKER OF THEIR EVIL DEEDS(2 John 9-

11). It is very clear that you are with them because you can WORK TOGETHER with them in their Lectures, BUT you can never come to the Lectures of Visiting American Preachers Like Ron Halbrook, Jim McDonald, Connie Adams, Randy Duvall, Ken Marrs, Keth Malone, David Maxson, Johnie Edwards, Mike Hudges, Earl Mitchell, E.N.Lovell, J.R.Bronger and more other SOUND American Preachers conducting Bible Lectures to us. So, Glen, as what your late Father in law have had disliked to you, the same thing we do. That, we cannot follow you to your false ways. It's Doctrinal issue but you are personalizing and hitting us below the belt. I urge you, brother, Please CONSIDER what you are doing and STOP sinning by hitting us. Glenn, your aim to make me and my Fellows to be completely unsupported is against God! God Wants us to be supported so that we can do more for His cause and yet you are stopping this "will" of God? Beware, God is Not mocked! Furthermore, not all Filipino Preachers are NOT like what you are thinking! There are those who are unstoppable, sincere to serve God, WITH or WITH OUT SUPPORT, and we are numbered to them. Do not say that you do all your best to make us unsupported and then when we are dying we will come at your feet. We will Not and do not expect us to do that because we can't compromise the Truth. I'll still fight you doctrinally even I have no support. Now, I humbly urge you to reconstruct your spiritual welfare. Be Solid and we'll join you. Disregard this appeal and we will also eternally disregard you. Your LIES creating much trouble and you are leading your ALLIES here with you to go to Hell! My Country men and I feel that we are being lambasted by a foriegner here in our own Country which is not even unsconstitutional but as Christians you will never expect us to retaliate to you in other means than by the Word of God. So, I am Challenging you to please use only the Word of God to check us if I am wrong in "Marking you"(Rom.16:17-18), and we are getting away from you (2 Thes.3:6) because you are not abiding in the doctrines of Christ (2 John 9-11). Glenn, we are all human and have short comings. Not only me, Glenn, but EVEN YOU, ALL OF US are subject to the more mercies of God in our daily living and endeavours. This is the reason why we need to ask forgiveness always from the loving Father, BUT, in addition to this, we should WALK in the Light, in his Doctrines, and NOT by those uncertain ideas or idiologies. Before I close, Glenn, if you think that it is better for you to go back home now in the States for maybe you are more effective there, then, AMEN to that. Anyway, you are only deceiving your supporters by telling them that you are doing good here while it is not, instead, you are sowing discord among the brethren. Glenn, You have NO Congregation to preach and only your ALLIES are alternately coming and getting you every Sunday so that you can preach in THEIR Congregations and you give the credit in your reports to get more money. How do we know? We have several copies of your reports to your supporters which contains deceiptive reports. Please do not tell me that You are an AMERICAN and you can just do that. But if that's what you like, please LEAVE us alone, GO HOME now and do what you want there, NOT HERE. Your Supporters don't like for sure to be a Partakers of your evil deeds (2 John 9-11) and don't be surprised if why you are continue lossing your supports from faithful & Sound Btrethren. Finally, Glenn, Please ASK PUBLIC APOLOGY for all the bad things you are doing to me and to other faithful Filipino & American Gospel Preachers and REPENT before eternally too late!

Rody Gumpad