Corruption in the Philippines

Subject: Another BIG LIE of Glenn Hamilton!
Date: Thursday, November 09, 2000 5:37 PM

Dear Brethren In Christ,

The Report of Glen Hamilton this morning is NOT true! We just returned home from our almost one day investagation of this matter and this is what we found;

1) It is NOT True that somebody attempted his life in his office at about midnight. Not only his wife and children can prove that but even "Janet", their sister in law who is staying with them said that no such thing happened!

2) It is NOT true that "TWO" had attempted his life at that hour of the night and they fled. Their Big, safety house can also prove this because there is "NO any Force Entry". The Lock and doors of their house are all intact, NO signs of any attempts and NO Glasses or anything had been broken!

3) That is NOT true because Glenn was never harmed and there was NO any commotion. Janet and all his family Members said that there was NO such happened!

1) They have a great family Feud that he cannot settle because he is the Problem.

2)Dishonesty and Lying is the Problem of his in-laws to him.

3)In the past weeks, he and his wife, were already telling/indicated to some of their family members that they are leaving soon.

4)His sister in Law, Emy (Wife of Alex) is holding today their exchange letter that exposed the dishonesty of Glenn. Glenn Tried to iron this by his seven page letter to them but failed.

5)His Allies (Neo Aglugub, Rey Ugale, Robert Gamiao, and others, had also talked lately and corrected him of his CORRUPTION.

The SOURCE of all the above informations is from sister LETTY PICSEWEN (Their Mother), EMY (Phoebe's younger sister) Alex Ramirez (Husband of Emy)and their other brothers & sisters in flesh. Like all of them (Family of the late Bro.Emeterio Picsewen), Alex stayed and worked hard with Glenn, especially the Wood Curving works of his house. This evening, after they told us all these things and more about Glenn's Lies and dishonesty, we prayed together as I led and we especially mentioned the name of Glenn in our prayer that he may realize his wrong doings and Repent before eternally too late. We hope that his friends like Wallace Little and Roger Wanasen will not tolerate and advice him the same.

Brethren, Again, Glenn Hamilton is LYING and hope this will clear all brethren who are concerned on this matter. According to many brethren here (Especially their mother and other members of their family), he did that Lying for several purposes;

First, to get more money. Second, For a graceful exit (From Philippines back to the United States). Third, To put down the faithful Gospel Workers here and in abroad who are involve of the Lord's work here.

We leave all these to God's hands and may the Lord keep and bless us.

Your Brother In Christ,
Rody C. Gumpad

P.S.-Brethren, you can freely pass this information to others if it is needed.

[Editor's Note: There are several major errors in this note. First, Rody has the wrong time of the day for the attack, which leads me to believe he did not check with people who knew what happened. Second, he mentions there was no forced entry. I stayed in Glenn's home for a month. During the daylight hours, the doors of the home are left open to provide better air circulation. Obviously, a person, or persons in this case, could walk right in.]

[Editor's Note: Roger Wanasen has talked to Neo Aglugub and Rey Ugale by phone. They both deny the statement assigned to them by Rody.]

[Editor's Note: See Roger Wanasen's conclusion about this note and his detailed research into it.]

[Editor's Note: Rody's sources (Letty Picsewen, Alex Ramirez, and Emy Ramirez) have not lived with Glenn for several months. Their current residences are many miles away and none were in the house at the time of the attack.]