Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: Borrowed from Steve Wallace's "White Unto Harvest" report.]


Rody Gumpad,

July 03, 2002 2:05 AM

Dear Brethren,

I have good news! We baptized another two precious souls after our worship here at Tuguegarao Church Last Sunday morning. Can you guess who is one of them? Our son Teddy! Tessie and I are very happy in his obedience to the Gospel. The one is his friend, Paul John Panopio. They are both running 12 years old and in grade six now. After baptism, Junior and I went immediately to the City Jail and joined bro. Robert Pader in holding the worship with the Christians inside. I preached an encouragement lesson. Many of them are sick. Maybe it is because they are full-packed like sardines inside their small cells. It is very hot here again as there is no enough rain yet for a long time now! Then in the afternoon, we went to Maguirig. As usual, Junior taught in the Bible Study and I preached. We extended the invitation and six young men came forward and confessed their faith in Christ. We baptized them here at Tuguegarao because there is not much water in the village at this time. This brought now to 76 all baptisms that we have at Maguirig since we started that work last year. However, we purged out a couple recently because they are living in adultery and two more because they are still drunkards and chain smokers (1 Cor.6:9-11). I will close for now and send you more news again next mail.

In Christ,
Rody C. Gumpad & Family
P.O. Box 075,
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan,
(edited by feature editor)