Corruption in the Philippines

Sent: Monday, May 24, 1999 12:07 PM
Subject: Philippine need

Dear Brethren:

The following e-mail was received from brother Jim McDonald:

"I have determined that I will make a hasty trip to Mindanao to carry whatever relief I can raise from brethren. The brethren in one area there have not really recovered from the drought last year. They have planted crops only to have them destroyed by rats and locusts. There are about 10,000 Christians in this area and most of them are really suffering. I received word last week from one of the brethren there that 59 brethren or their children have died due either directly or indirectly to these hard circumstances. He told me that many of them had been told that the government would provide relief for the sick but when the brethren went to the regional hospital to get help they were turned away. I do not know what to do except to try to do what I can to help them.

We will leave Houston on Friday, June 18th, arriving in Manila on Saturday night, June 19. Early the next morning we will fly to Davao City and meet with brethren involved with these brethren and talk with them about the way the relief must be administered, trying to provide as many safeguards as possibled to prevent any dishonesty and that the funds go to the needy brethren for whom they are intended.

Brother Jim Everett is going with me. Jim's address is P.O. Box
864, Cedar Park, Texas 78636-0864. His e-mail is His
telephone is (512) 219-6816. Jim preaches for the church in Cedar Park

On Sunday night or early Monday morning we will fly to Cebu City to speak for three days to 300 denominational preachers. We will then return home on Thursday, June 25th.

Anything you can do to help us for this trip and for the poor brethren, I would appreciate. May God bless you and your family. Yours in Christ,
Jim McDonald.
(Jim's address and phone number is: Jim McDonald, P.O. Box 155032, Lufkin, Texas 75915-5032; (409) 637-0229.)

Brethren, please spread this message about through your e-mail addresses, and in the congregation and among the brethren where you worship and serve the Lord. These needs are pressing, the brethren are worthy, and the two brethren (Everett and McDonald) are true men, honest and above reproach. Let us respond generously to this need, and do so immediately.
Thank You. Bill Cavender

Hi Glenn,

I thought I would pass this on in case you had not seen it. I wrote
to Jim and he wrote me back. I wrote him a second time, but it has been
a few months since I sent out my last letter to him. I don't think I was
able to perswade him of the things we have talked about.

August 2nd, we fly out to Romania... much to do... Talk to you later...

In His Name,
Dan & Family



Thanks for the laugh. Reading that note was funnier than most of the jokes that get forwarded to me. Then I realized brethren would believe it, and I want to cry. I spent the last six weeks with one of the preachers from Davao. He was shocked and offended by one of Jim McDonald's earlier reports saying there were over 2,000 Christians in Davao. I don't know what he will say when he finds out they are now claiming over 10,000. Ridiculous! You'd be lucky if there were 10,000 Christians in this entire country.

There is no starvation among the brethren in Davao. The 59 deaths are a complete lie.

Government hospitals do not turn anyone away. This country has FREE medical services for all (only medicines and surgery require money).

Did I let you know that Rody Gumpad is now in the US? 5 months and 13 states.

just received word that Jim McDonald has finally taken the gloves off and declared me to be a false teacher. I am waiting now for a copy of the evidence. In a personal talk with McD last year he said he did not consider me a false teacher and that he had never said I was one.

God speed on your trip to Romania.

In Him,