Corruption in the Philippines

I have been debating about this matter for a few weeks and was also waiting until I verified the information. Now that the information has come to me from several sources, I think it is time to warn brethren about this matter. Perhaps you can use some of the lists to inform the brethren.

A few weeks ago a preacher in Sampaguita, Solana, Cagayan Valley, by the name of Greggorio de los Reyes ceased to preach for the local congregation there. Most of the members had already ceased to attend there (either ceasing to worship or finding other congregations to attend). At that time, Greggorio took a secular job (as a private chauffer for another preacher). According to people close to Greggorio, he is continuing to receive support (apparently over US $1,000/month) from US brethren. Brethren should be aware that Greggorio de los Reyes is no longer preaching.

[FYI -- The preacher who hired de los Reyes to be his personal chauffer is Rody C. Gumpad]

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