Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

Some of you received a notice from me about some corruption among a few Filipino preachers. I asked one brother to post that notice to mars-list so that other brethren might be informed. At least one of those corrupt preachers has access to the list either directly or through some US supporters. Today, only four days after putting that notice out through e-mail and onto mars-list, I received in the mail (postmarked today at the local post office) a death threat. It does not take too much effort to realize who the sender of the threat must be (only one preacher is named by name and the other is merely referred to as the current employer of the first), but I have no proof. This makes four death threats in the past 15 months, all coming immediately after I reported on corruption among Filipino preachers. Certainly there are many good and honest Filipino preachers, but the corrupt ones have ceased to fear God.

Nothing in any of this has changed our plans. I merely thought that you should know to be wary of the corruption. I include below the text of the message I sent out earlier so that all of you will be completely informed. If any of you have access to other Christians through e-mail or the lists managed by brethren, feel free to forward this warning.

Yours in Christ,

Glenn Hamilton

__________Copy of E-mail sent out 11/28/99______________